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  • The sound of music

    lives within Rascal Flatts. Every time I see them on TV, I turn it up loud and jam. They know how to sing very well!
  • I love Rascal flatts!!!

    Rascal Flatts are such an amazing group of men. There music inspires me to want to work on my music. Everytime i hear there songs I'm automatically in a great mood. Just makes my day. There one of the greatest country bands around. They sound amazing in concert. My favorite songs are I melt, Take there, and Mayberry. You can never get enough of these guys. #1 Fan, Winny look alike
  • They ROCK!I love their music and they are teriffic singer's and are really one of the best outthere.

    Well I started listening to RF over a year now,at first I really thought they were good,but over time I really got into them.I started lisening to them more and heard some of they greatest hit's,"What hurt's the most","Bless the Broken road","Life is a Highway","Stand"and"Take Me There"and more to.I love they music,it's not just abrunch of word's and sound,it's more then that it has so much meaning to it and it inspired me.I would like to become a singer mabey in the future,and I look to RF as a role model as a example to be lead by.I really thank God for them and everything that they have done since they started doing what thety do the best.I will alway's and continue to enjoy every one of their music,every word,from word.They ROCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great singers and great performers.

    Rascal Flatts: Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney, and Jay DeMarcus, are 3 of the most talented singers I have seen grace country music in a long time, they have had hit after hit, and my current favorite Flatts song is Life is a Highway from the movie cars, the video takes a look at movies from the drive-in point of view.

    I've been a fan of the group ever since I heard "This Everyday Love", and they get better and better with each song and album, they truly deserve all of the success they have and will have in the future.
  • Rascal Flatts Gets Hosed Every Year at Award Shows

    How were Rascal Flatts not nominated for best country album at the 07 Grammys? They had the 2nd highest selling CD of the year and somehow, they keep getting ripped off by these rediculous excuses for country music. I have news for these people in Hollywood who keep putting the Dixie Chicks up for awards: no one likes the Dixie Chicks. Rascal Flatts lost to Tim McGraw for country album of the year at the AMAs and wasn't even nominated at the Grammys. At the CMAs, they keep getting screwed when they're up for Entertainer of the Year. They are far better entertainers than Kenny Chesney and everyone knows it. They just aren't considered quite country enough and everyone in Nashville is jealous of that. Also at the CMAs, they weren't even up for single of the year for "What Hurts the Most." How can the most played song on all of the radio not even be up for that award? The Country Music Association ought to be ashamed of themselves. The Billboard Awards: The biggest gip of them all. Rascal Flatts is better than Chris Brown or whatever rediculous crap beat them for best artist. They also didn't win one award for anything in country. If you want to hear about being totally ripped off, talk to the rascals of Rascal Flatts. I find these award shows like I'm rooting for a sports team and Rascal Flatts is my favorite team. If Rascal Flatts doesn't get the regonition that they deserve, I find it unfair. You may say things like Rascal Flatts isn't country enough and I don't like anything that pop, but you know you love everything they have and they have more talent then any other band that's ever played country music. If you don't agree, than go listen to your twing-twang crap that plagues your depressing back woods life filled with depression, anger, and rage. I'll be right here listening to Rascal Flatts and you wish you were doing the same thing.
  • Rascal Flatts rocks!

    What can I say about Rascal Flatts? Ever since they first came out in the country music scene 6 years ago, I have been a big fan of theirs. And what's not to love about Gary, Joe Don, and Jay? They harmonize beautifully in all of their songs, mix heartfelt ballads with fun songs on their CDs with great ease, write great songs for their CDs, and of course, it doesn't hurt that the guys are nice to look at as well.

    While I know there are more reasons why Rascal Flatts are one great groups in the music world today, these are just a few of the reasons why I like them. These are also the reasons why they have great staying power in the music world. They're one of the best acts in country music today and deserve all the awards they win.
  • These guys know how to sing.

    What can I say? They have good voices and wonderful songs. Listening to the song "Stand" makes you feel strong inside-out. "What Hurts the Most" is definately a song someone with a broken heart can listen to. Trust me, I listened to it once when I was sad. It made me feel better. "To Make Her Love Me" is a pretty decent song if you ask me. "Ellsworth" is a wonderful that can bring a tear to one's eye. Their best CD is their newest one "Me & My Gang". It is FULL of talent and good songs, all in one little disk. You rock Rascal Flatts. You're going to bring Country music up the charts.
  • I LOVE Rascal Flatts!

    I was really excited when I heard Rascal Flatts had a new album coming out. I had just bought "Feels Like Today" and I loved it so I was really anxious to get my hand's on the new album. I bought it the day it came out and have not stopped listening to it since. In fact i'm listening to it right now. My mom hate's country music and I even have her hooked. Not to mention Joe Don Rooney is a hottie. If you don't love Rascal Flatts you will after you hear "What Hurts the Most".
  • amazing group...I can\'t believe there\'s not more about them on here!

    This group is amazing and talented and one of my favorite groups. They\'re songs have such great lyrics and they sing them so well. I went to their concert last June and I was blown away. It was such a fun concert, and definitely worth it even though I was in the lawn seats with the rain coming down on me. I listen to their music constantly and I can\'t wait for them to come out with their next CD!
  • How can anyone NOT love this hott trio? Read the rest of my review!

    What can you really say about the three!? They harmonize beautifully and they entertain very well. I love each one fir seperate reasons.

    Gary Levox...For those of you that have heard any of the Rascal Flatts songs can tell you that he has an amazing voice! I've always considered it to be almost angelic. Plus, you gotta love his hair! It never changes!

    Jay Demarcus...Yeah, he is one of the funniest men I have seen! If you watche the Total Access thing on CMT, you would know that! He always leave me with a HUGE smile. Plus, he can play the piano...I love that in a man.

    Joe Don Rooney...Good looks aside, Joe Don is one of the best guitarist I've seen! I just love to see him bust loose on that thing! :D Plus, he is utterly gorgeous.