Rashaan Nall

Rashaan Nall


2/25/1980, Altadena, California, USA

Birth Name

Rashaan Harvey Nall



Also Known As

Rashaan H. Nall
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  • ahhhhha

    he fine too he finer than marcus huston i knoe that much and he could probly act better to. i never compared. i wish i was in faiths place on the show and im mad that it went off i didn't even know it went off people were tellin me it was coming back on to bad its not it actually fun and well written for a spin off i thought it was going to be bad it was good while it lasted:)moreless
  • Rashaan Nall is gorgeous, sexy, and wowee have u seen his abs?? He is so great in Cuts...ah! I love him so so much. He is fabulousssss.

    Oh my gosh, Rashaan Nall is definitely my favorite. He is so hott and gorgeous and wonderful! I absolutely LOVE him in Cuts, and i want to see so much more of him, ya know? I think he is so talented! He is definitely my favorite character on that show. He is so cool. And in \"snipes\" with nelly...can you think of two hotter people? Rashaan is . . . just wow. I totally love him. I wish i could meet him, he seems so funny and cool and HOT! Who doesnt love Rashaan Nall? I know i love him!