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  • ahhhhha

    he fine too he finer than marcus huston i knoe that much and he could probly act better to. i never compared. i wish i was in faiths place on the show and im mad that it went off i didn't even know it went off people were tellin me it was coming back on to bad its not it actually fun and well written for a spin off i thought it was going to be bad it was good while it lasted:)
  • Rashaan Nall is gorgeous, sexy, and wowee have u seen his abs?? He is so great in Cuts...ah! I love him so so much. He is fabulousssss.

    Oh my gosh, Rashaan Nall is definitely my favorite. He is so hott and gorgeous and wonderful! I absolutely LOVE him in Cuts, and i want to see so much more of him, ya know? I think he is so talented! He is definitely my favorite character on that show. He is so cool. And in \"snipes\" with nelly...can you think of two hotter people? Rashaan is . . . just wow. I totally love him. I wish i could meet him, he seems so funny and cool and HOT! Who doesnt love Rashaan Nall? I know i love him!
  • He's always been a GOOD guy!

    I\'ve known Rashaan Nall since John Muir High. He was an awesome guy then and he\'s still awesome. I remember his Jenga commercial. lol. I only watched Cuts a couple of times. He looks GOOD on T.V. I don\'t know what else to write and I don\'t want to blab on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on... So I\'ll just say this...I pray the best for him and his career.
  • Rashaan Nall is a very smart and talented person I love to watch him and enjoy his work and maintain to keep his audience happy and proud of him alot of people who look up to Rashaan would show him the love that he deserves and two thumbs up

    Rashaan is a very talented person he knows how to keep you on your feet and how to make his crowd enjoy what he is doing.Me myself i give it to him for doing a wonderful job in his career and letting people know who he is and how good of and actor he is.I would love to just see him one day and congraduate him on the wondeful job he is doing with his career
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Rashaan at a taping of Cuts and he was really cool. He is very talented and handsome and I pray that he stay blessed in his career.

    I look forward to seeing this brother in more roles I have a few scripts I would like to cast him in one day. I am very curious if this is his priorty because he has the look in my opinion so the directors should be banging down his door...Who is his management?
  • rashaan nall is a great actor and i would love to meet him in person. i dont know why i\'m so attracted to him i just am and one day you\'ll read and if your luck you\'ll get to meet me. and you\'ll know i;m the one you where missing

    dear rashaan nall
    hi my name is clara i'm younger that you but i dont care about that. all i really need to say besides your great looks you are my personal favorite and you are a great actor and have the smile of an angle..

    love always
    clara s