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Formed in 1991 by lead woman Melora Creager, Rasputina has been in full force for over a decade.

This cello rock act is most known for dressing in Victorian era undergarments while performing on stage.

With five full length albums, these guys will give you…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Melora loves the music of Hildegard von Bingen, a nun from the 1100's who is known in part for her musical compositions. She is a favorite of Melora's, as well as one of Melora's vocal inspirations.

    • For a brief time in the 90's Rasputina featured a third-chair cellist named Carpella Parvo, later revealed to be a fictitious invention of Melora Creager and Julia Kent. She is said to be missing. Melora has thought of possible explanations to her whereabouts on a handful of occasions, saying things such as, "She was from Bucharest. She probably went back there. She was from a royal family- The Hapsburghs, do you know them?" and "Oh, I think she's got some recordings that are gonna come out. The basement tapes of Carpella Parvo. I've heard that she's going to be releasing those soon."

      Carpella's name came from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, since Melora and Julia gave themselves carpal tunnel by playing the parts of the third-chair.

    • Breaking in part from her usual style of writing songs influenced by obscure historical people and events, Melora took many of her song inspirations for Oh Perilous World and her slightly earlier released solo CD Perplexions from internet news articles and blogs, noting that the world of today had reached a point where it was as bizarre as most odd historical happenings, even mirroring them in places.

      However, these songs inspired by modern happenings were set, in true Rasputina style, alongside songs such as 1816, The Year Without A Summer and Oh Bring Back The Egg Unbroken, about relatively obscure historical happenings and practices.

    • For many of the songs on Oh Perilous World, Melora donned the persona of a conspiracy theorist, taking many of her songs' lines directly from the blogs of believers in conspiracies (for example, the line "There are people here that would do you great harm. So please, just try to stay calm, and I'll get you through this," from the song "A Retinue Of Moons/The Infidel Is Me" is almost word-for-word taken from a blog titled "The Fourth Reich in American Hospitals"). She even opened a performance by saying, "And now we will perform for you an excerpt from our new rock opera, of which you know nothing about. It's as yet untitled, but if you listen closely, you will hear irrefutable musical proof that George Bush's White House did indeed orchestrate the disastrous attacks of September 11th."

    • Other Albums and Songs:
      *Transylvanian Regurgitations. Released in 1997 with 8 Tracks with 2 remixes of their song Transylvanian Concubine.
      *The Olde Headboard single. Released in 1998 with 5 tracks.
      *My Fever Broke. Released in 2002 with 7 tracks and a bonus video.
      *The Lost & Found. Two editions. 2nd Edition contains an extra song. Released in 2003 with 7 tracks.
      *A Radical Recital. Live CD. Released in 2004 with 19 live tracks.
      Unreleased Songs: Small Boy Jumps, I go to Sleep, The Vaulted Eel, Lesson Number Six and Killing Comb.

    • Melora Creager, lead woman and band creator, assisted by Rasputina's Jonathan TeBeest, came out with a solo album entitled Perplexions in 2007. The CD features 7 original tracks.

    • Rasputina's album Frustration Plantation is a concept album. It is about the south in the 1800's.

    • How We Quit The Forest is the only one of Rasputina's CDs to feature a song that shares its name with its CD's title.

    • On the online music store and companion to iPods, iTunes, Rasputina's genre is listed as Alternative, Rock, Pop, and Electronic, showing that they fit into many different genres, and are original enough that if one genre were used to describe them, it would be one of their own creation, due to their brilliant originality.

    • It was announced that Zoe (cellist on Frustration Plantation) left the band to pursue her solo career in April, 2006.

    • The band was formed in the year 1991.

    • When they toured with Marilyn Manson, they left such an impression on him that he helped make a CD of remixes for their song "Transylvanian Concubine".

    • Melora's favorite clothing designer is James Coviello.

    • The band is known for going on stage dressed in Victorian era costumes.

    • Their song "Transylvanian Concubine" was featured in the episode "Surprise" of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    • Melora has been playing the cello since she was 9 years old.

    • Their song "Mr. E. Leon Rauis," which is on the album "Thanks for the Ether," is actually incorrect. His name was actually Eleazer Leon Rains.

    • Their song My Little Shirtwaist Fire that is on the album Thanks for the Ether is about the fire at the Triangle building in New York city, that happened in 1911, and made many of todays modern fire laws.

    • Their song "Rose K." that is on the album "How We Quit The Forest" is about Rose Kennedy.

    • The band is also known as the Travelling Ladies' Cello Society.

    • Hollis, Melora's daughter, wrote and sang a track on Rasputina's 2004 album, Frustration Plantation. The song is titled November 17dee.

    • The front woman, Melora, has two daughters, Hollis and Ivy.

    • The band's name, Rasputina, is from Melora's obsesson of Rasputin at the time of the formation of the band. She was wondering what history would have been like if Rasputin had been a woman.

    • Current line up: Melora Creager (cello), Daniel DeJesus (cello), and Dawn Micelli (drums).

    • Main Albums:
      *Thanks for the Ether. Released in 1996 with 18 tracks.
      *How We Quit The Forest. Released in 1998 with 15 tracks.
      *Cabin Fever. Released in 2002 with 15 tracks.
      *Frustration Plantation. Released in 2004 with 16 tracks.
      *Oh Perilous World. Released in 2007 with 12 tracks.

      (Deluxe limited editions of both Oh Perilous World and Frustration Plantation were released along with their respected albums, each containing an extra CD each featuring 9 new and remixed songs. Poor Relations in the Shed Out Back was released with Frustration Plantation and Side 2 with Oh Perilous World.)

    • The band was created by the front woman, Melora Creager.

  • Quotes

    • (about past band members)
      Melora: Some have been sure we were about to "hit it big." Most have been somewhat inexperienced coming into the band. It doesn't take long to tire of touring. Most people have their own project that is their true love.

    • (Regarding the inspiration for the title to Rasputina's CD Thanks For The Ether)
      Melora: The Victorians believed that the gases in the Earth's atmosphere, which they called Ether, were the source of things like creativity and inspiration. So, we'd like to thank the ether.

    • (Referring to Julia Kent, one of the original band members)
      Melora: Julia can be a very frightening figure, even though she is diminutive in size. She has a will of iron, and the hollow bones like a bird.

    • Melora: Vampires are here to stay. I guess because they are immortal.