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  • wonderful

    she is the best actress on the disney channel shes so pretty she is the best singer on the disney channel too she can kick all the girls butts in singing. she is so pretty to words big and beautiful. leave raven alone about her weight she looks great the way she is and she will always look great.
  • Raven-Symone is a singer and actress perhaps most famous for her roles as Olivia on "The Cosby Show" and Raven on "That's So Raven." This Atlanta native has been in Showbiz since she was a baby.

    I "so" love Raven!!!!! For one thing, she is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities I can think of. I have never heard of her bashing anyone else or judging people based on their looks. Plus, Raven is very talented, as she can both act and sing very well. As for her weight, I get so sick of hearing people saying she is fat or obese when she is not heavy at all, just not a "stick figure" (gag). In fact, I wouldn't even call her slightly chubby, sometimes, depending on what she is wearing, she looks quite thin. Kudos to Raven for not caring what others think of her, for that, I think she is an outstanding role model for girls of all ages!!! Raven is one of those rare types of people who are both beautiful on the inside and out!
  • Raven Symone is just fabulous!!

    I luv Raven Symone she's talented, pretty, condfident in herself and she's also funny. ppl have their thoughts and opinions on Raven but my opininons always gonna stay w/ me I think she's the most kindest person in the world there's noone in this world that can be as sweeet and kind like Raven. she's also a wonderful actress ppl might disagree w/ my review on Miss.Raven i don't care ppl dislike Raven cause of their problems that they have themselves so they like to tlk about Raven just to make Raven fans angry but it doesn't work sure in hell doesn't make me angry.
  • Raven Symone!!

    I just luv Ms.Raven Symone I think she's a really good actress and she's also very beautiful she's full of talent. The thing that i luv most about Raven is that she's self-confident and that's somethin' not a lot of gurls have and I think Raven is a great role model for gurls of all ages everyone can learn from Raven no matter if their black, white, asian or hispanic. Even guys can learn from Raven i think Raven is a good role model for everyone from guys to gurls, blacks and whites, big to small ppl she teaches everone a lesson.
  • A very amazing actress!

    Okay, I've liked Raven ever since seeing her on the Cosby Show. So I was surprised when she had her own show coming out called "That's So Raven"! Now, she's one of my all-time favorites actresses. I also like her as a singer, she is not bad at all! Only comes second to Anastacia! Anyways, I think she sets a very good example to younger fans but also shows appreciation for us older fans. I think she's simply one of the best actresses and singers out there and I've really turned into a fan throughout the years. Keep it up, Raven!

  • Raven-Symone is the Best

    you cant go wrong with Raven she is a very talented and funny actress with one of the best shows that hit TV it was a very good show. Raven really inspires young people to do what they can and try there hardest cause maybe one day they will have a TV show too. i cant wait to see what other projects Raven will feature in. she is very talented and can play a role from Dramatic to Comedic she is a chameleon and one of the best. i hope they she may play Raven Baxter again because she warmed to Raven and really made her real. Raven-Symone is a shining star.
  • I luv Raven she's soo cool and down to earth.

    Raven Symone rox and Raven's those type of chicks who don't care wat the haters got to say cause she knows she's hot and ain't nobody stoppin' her greatness. I feel more ppl should respect Raven but they don't But it's okay cause i like raven. Raven's a very beautiful woman and a very geuine person I hate when ppl say bad stuff about Raven sayin' tht she's fat and she can't sing or act i get rlly offended and hurt by comments like tht. Raven haters fall back cuz y'all can do it like Raven and y'all wish y'all had the talents and beauty like Raven.
  • Raven Rocks!

    Raven Symone is a role model for everyone, whether they'll admit it or not. Raven, never being the super skinny type, has proved to everyone that SIZE DOESN'T MATTER. Even in an episode of her hit show That's So Raven, this girl showed size is overated in an episode about models. Raven has been with Disney for many years, First That's So Raven, then Cheetah Girls 1 & 2. She sadly won't be appearing in Cheetah Girls 3: One World. Raven declined the offer, and I respect her decision. Right now, Raven is getting out there with the world. Her latest Disney project? A hilarious movie titled College Road Trip!
  • Downright hate this girl, sorry if i offended u

    sorry to say, but from my point of veiw all she wants is the money and she just had her own show BECAUSE of the Cosby show, SHE thought she could get all the fame, but for me she is stuck up and WAY to snobby! I really do not like this women and to all of the people who do, good for you, I really do not care. She is just way to untalented and way to inmature. Im sorry not one of my favorite actresses. Im glad they ended thats so raven! I hated the show! But overall, i really dont like her
  • A very talented and inspirational role model

    Raven, in my opinion, is underused today in entertainment. At least I haven't seen her much since That's So Raven. She is a really good person and has an amazing singing voice. She is also very funny and should be seen acting more in other shows. Compared to Hannah Montana, her singing should be getting all that attention. She has also been a huge inspiration to younger girls and has told them to accept themselves for who they are, instead of the bland, somewhat hypocritical message you get from other tween stars today. I personally think she is a wonderful role model, singer, actress, and comedian, and should be seen more and be more popular.
  • Raven-Symone is a great person. She has been a model, an actress and a singer. She has a whole lot of inspiration and a whole lot of faithful fans to fall back on. I hope she just continues to forfill her career and stay the great person that she is.

    Raven-Symone is a great person. I am personally one of her biggest fans ever, and I love her (no homo Sometimes I wish she was my sister. I would like to meet her one day in my life doesn't matter when or where I just want to meet her bad. She had the life that I have and she's living it great. I would like to follow in her foot steps one day and be as great of an inspiration as she is to me and other children/adults that like her. Her name will always be in my families mouths because she is a great inpsiration to us, the family, our lives and lives to come.
  • She is the best so talanted go raven!

    Raven is so talanted she has been great at every role she has played . She was great in That's so Raven and in every other show and movie she has ever been on. She is also so talanted at music she has an amazing voice. I love all her songs she is so great I can't wait to see her in future shows or movies and hear new songs from her I wonder how the new movie staring her is going to be (college on road or something like that). She should be in more shows SHE IS THE BEST
  • she is funny she does not care that poeple thinks she is fat and im a guy and i like her. she is supper funny and i wach reruns of the cobesy show just to see raven she don so much she made disney huge and not in size. she has been acting for a long time

    she funny nice she is a good singer she very taltend cool she is one of very litle black people who have they name on a show . she is a role model she is 21 and does not go out and party all night like lisndey wich there were roommates she works hard for want she has she had the frist disney channel show to go a 100 episdes and they asked her to do a spinoof she also proudercs she a triple threat like my dad says raven will be around is this bennis for a long time d
  • Raven was born in Atlanta,GA on December 10,1985.At a very young age Raven and her family moved to New York where Raven got her first deal with MCA Records. Since then she's done countless of productions such as The Cheetah Girls,("2"),and That's So Raven

    Raven Symone is a very talented actress I mean Wow! she's done Cosby when she was 3 then she has made hits and albums.I like That's So Raven.My favorite episodes of That's So Raven are Double Vision when Raven tries to avoid Ben(the guy that Chelsea likes)because of her vision and is forced to morph powers with him.Four Aces when Raven tries bring back Ms. Wilcox's happy days by convincing her to sing.Road to Audition when Raven has a vision that the Undercover Superstar talent scout was coming to her school but what she doesn't know that the janitor in her vision is not the talent scout and the real talent scout was Paula Abdul and when Raven found out she passed up the opportunity.She also did an excellent job with the albums and the movies. So this is why she gets a perfect 10 and "two thumbs up".Way to go Raven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gomenasai

    I know What I said, But Im sorry! I was so young and FOOLISH! and I am Really sorry! I learned more about "the media" and now I know. Raven is not talentless! She works hard, she's Very Pretty, and is a good actress and singer. Im so sorry,and ashamed about the way I used to be,Really! She is a wonderful actress,good singer, and so much more! I mean that too! She is a great blessing and cares 4 people, At least she's not like lindsay or paris. She is a Good at so many things, I find that cool! :)
  • Raven-Symone is really talented.

    Raven-Symone Christina Pearman started acting at a very young age. For an actress... she played the role of Olivia in the Cosby show. She was adorable back then, wasn't she?
    As she got older, she got more popular when people hired her to be in soon- to- be movies. She starred in the Disney Channel original series,"That's So Raven". She played the role of the star of the show, Raven Baxter. Raven Baxter is a psyhic. Which means she can see the future. No one but her family, and her two best friends Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels know her secret. I really like that show.
  • Raven-symone is great!!!!!!

    Raven is so unique, fresh, and beautiful. She is a really talented actress, and she's a good person. She been in lots of shows and movie, but she is still down-to-earth. And I also think that she is a good role model for everyone. She isn't starving herself , like every other hollywood star. I think that is great. And all the people that say mean things about, I think it's horrible. Raven isn't fat, she doen't need to lose weight, and she's probably tired of people telling her that. There is way to many haters ou there in the world.
  • This girl can act!

    I was always a fan of raven-symone. Ever since i was little when i used to watch re-runs of the cosby show which gave her, her start to commericals, to shows, to being guest starred, to having a great singing voice, and have cds going out the store by millions. Raven-symone is so pretty and she proves that you don't have to be a certain size to be pretty. She starred in her own show which is called That So Raven. Been in a couple of movies but they were disney channel relate. As told on tv by a couple of people raven is a real sweet person.
  • Raven is not a very good actress, but boy can she SING.

    No, I'm not a Raven fan. I think she's a terrible actress. Honestly she can't act. I didn't like her on the Cosby's, Hangin' with Mr. Copper, That's so Raven, or any of her movies. But I gotta give the girl this, she has a tremendous voice. Her singing voice is so beautiful. Raven has such a talent when it comes to singing. So many other singers voices pale in comparison to hers. She's great singer and I have not doubt she has a future in singing. Wow!!!
  • Shes a realy talented girl

    Raven symone is realy pretty and a funny actress,i love all the shows shes in like the cosby show,That's So raven and others.i love her singing,i be sometimes mad cause ppl critize her alot,i meen come on ppl just because she doesnt have the"paris hilton"body doesnt meen you have to call her fat!.Sure shes a little chubby but she still looks good and she should stay that way.Then they critize cause shes black,what a bunch of racist.Ppl are just jealous cause they cant be as famous or talented as her,i think shes a good role model for all girls of all ages.One day i would like to know her in real life,i think it would be fun...Well raven-Symone never dies in my fan club.She rocks all the way!
  • Raven symone is dam amazing!!!

    she is so cute n a intreasting person too. She is so cool. She does a fantastic job in Thats so Raven. The show is famous just because of raven and the co actors with her. Raven is playing the main role in this show.This show is all about a a girl who has the ability to see in future n except her brother her parients n her friends no one knows that she has the ability to see in future. She loves his brother very much but some times fight with her. she is a matured girl n respects her parients!!!
  • Raven-Symone is amazing!

    Raven-Symone is definately one of the all time greats. She is really funny and a very talented actress and singer. I can't believe lots of people pick on her because she's fat. Big deal, you don't have to be thin to be beautiful you know? I think that Raven is amazing, she teaches girls to just be themselves and also says things such as everyone is beautiful, face it Raven is one fantastic gal! She plays some great characters such as Raven Baxter from That's So Raven and Galleria from The Cheetah Girls films. Raven is amazing. You rock Raven!
  • Talented

    Raven is definitely a talented young lady. She has been bringing many laughs to the television world for many years and it was great seeing her grow up from the Cosby and now on Raven as well as other Disney productions (i.e. The Cheetah Girls). She definitely knows how to act and she definitely makes kids laugh as well as she has made me laugh as well. The kids I babysit enjoy watching That's So Raven because of her and I know many other young girls who admire her as well. She has great dedication to her career and I think that's what's important. It's also good that she sets herself as a great role model for young girls.
  • Raven Symone is an great actress and I really like watching her on TV.

    Raven Symone is a great person and she is a good singer and I really enjoy watching her on That`s So Raven.Raven is a great actres.I do know people who don`t like Raven.But this is a person`s opinion which I won`t be telling people what to say about this person and this happens to be a person`s opinion review which people are allowed to say what they want to say about Raven.Me,I still like Raven Symone though.RFaven is still a great actress and I really look up to her.There are other stars of shows I look up to like Jamie Lynn Spears from Zoey 101.
  • Raven is extremely Talented!!!

    Raven is extremely talented! She is in many TV shows and movies. She is known for her starring role on That`s So Raven. She plays Raven Baxter, a teen that is psychic. Raven is hilarious in That`s So Raven. She is also one of the Cheetah Girls. She plays Galleria in the The Cheetah Girls and The Cheetah Girls 2 movies. She is head of that group. When Raven was little, she was in the Cosby Show playing Olivia Kendall. She is also in Kim Possible playing Monique. She is also a co-producer in 3 episodes of That`s So Raven. Overall Raven is really talented.
  • Raven Symone is a great actress.And one of my favorites.

    She is so cool and she can sing and act really well and she is a good looking woman.I know not everyone likes Raven but I do.My friends do too and my friends happen to like the same shows as me.I only started like Raven because my new friends Allyson and Amanda like Raven.I do like other people like my friends do.I still don`t get why anyone would not like Raven at all.Raven I will always admire her and she will always be number one to me.I don`t blame people for not liking her because my friend Allyson told me everyone has to like the same things.
  • Not to sound too harsh, but I am sick and tired of reading reviews that say she's fat.

    Please listen to what I have to say.

    Raven-Symone may be a bit overweight, but that doesn't mean she's not a good actress, dancer, singer, and role model, and it also doesn't mean that she's not beautiful. She's a lovely person with so much talent and a heart of gold. You don't need to be a size zero to be beautiful or a celebrity. I'm so tired of magazines showing models that look like stick figures. That's sets a bad example for people. Lots of people want to be extremely skinny, so they can be popular and beautiful. That's very unhealthy. Raven sets a better example for people. It's not what you look like that makes you so popular. It's your talents and even more, who you are. Raven is a sweet girl and is a wonderful role model for girls or anybody for that matter.

    People, stop hating her because she's a little overweight. That's not what matters. I think it's best to be yourself no matter what magazines and commercials say. Be yourself. Don't try to be something you're not or turn yourself into a plastic supermodel. Be comfortable with how you look and who you are. Your talents will get you a wonderful career regardless of how "beautiful" you are or are not. You're beautiful no matter what. We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colour, and we're all beautiful people. Everyone is beautiful. Remember that next time you think a celebrity is horrible just because of their weight.
  • I just love her luv her luv her luv her!!!

    Raven has appeared in the cosby show, cheetah girls, and in her own show ''That's so raven'' She is just so talented! She's a good singer, and a great actress!She is one of my best idols! I just like how she is good at comedy, how she sings well, and I love her designs! Her dress is always fantastic when she appears on television, I love raven.. You go girl!!
  • The official Raven-Symone bestest fan!!!!! Hello, everyone out there this is xavier from Orlando coming to your attention. Raven symone is the bestest person in all Hollywood.

    Raven is the one to be reconized for all she has done, she is talented, and has a very good understanding with the situations that she goes threw and she knows exactly how to handle them! Rven is awesome on that\'s so raven and she is terrific on the cheetah girls 1 and 2. She is like the bestest talented person ever to be understanded and i love the fact that she is in show buisness! This is like the ultimate timing for raven because her carrer is taking off very quikly and i really apperciate everything she has done in her carrer.
  • a true inspiration =)

    a talented singer with awesome songs like: Supernatural and Backflip make her awesome and 2 albums 1 of them coming soon she is destined 2 b a star! she is also an AWESOME actress she is fenominal in the hit series: That's So Raven! and she has been in other shows like: The Cosby Show and movies like The cheetah girls and the cheetah girls 2! Raven we luv u!
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