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  • Raven-Symone is a singer and actress perhaps most famous for her roles as Olivia on "The Cosby Show" and Raven on "That's So Raven." This Atlanta native has been in Showbiz since she was a baby.

    I "so" love Raven!!!!! For one thing, she is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities I can think of. I have never heard of her bashing anyone else or judging people based on their looks. Plus, Raven is very talented, as she can both act and sing very well. As for her weight, I get so sick of hearing people saying she is fat or obese when she is not heavy at all, just not a "stick figure" (gag). In fact, I wouldn't even call her slightly chubby, sometimes, depending on what she is wearing, she looks quite thin. Kudos to Raven for not caring what others think of her, for that, I think she is an outstanding role model for girls of all ages!!! Raven is one of those rare types of people who are both beautiful on the inside and out!