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  • The Show has the same concept as all the other Reality Show's that are based on a celebrity searching for a woman that is interested in him for him and not his Celebrity Status.

    The Show has given Ray J a chance to let viewers see a different side of the singer. We have heard him sing and watch his songs hit the number one spot. We have watched him act on his sisters television show and know that he is capable of getting acting roles without his famous sister's name helping him. Now the spotlight is on him every week for one hour sharing the light with a house full of beautiful women all trying to get his attention so they are not the next one to get sent home. Ray J has a smooth gentle way about himself but will not let anyone take that for granted. Weekly he has to observe who are the females on the show for him or just using him for a chance at stardom. He is sly in the way he approaches a situation, making sure he is uncovering truth and not a jealous lie. Ray J has a heart and viewers can see at the end of the show, when it's time for him to reveal who he has picked to go home, that he does not want her to feel like she is less than any of the other women. None of the viewers know how long this love connection will last after his pick on the last show, but it is fair to say we will be seeing more of him to come on our television screens in the future.