Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta


12/18/1954, Newark, New Jersey, USA

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Raymond Julian Vicimarli


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Adopted when he was a six months old, Ray is a graduate of Union High School in Union, New Jersey. He put himself through the University of Miami by working in a cemetery. He got his acting start on TV in the soap Another World and on the…more


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    • Ray: (On directing) No, no desire. I've never wanted to do it. As an actor I don't know how good it is to know about technical things. Like I don't care what lens is on the camera, I don't know to this day if a 75 is close.

    • Ray: I didn't start acting until I was in college, which was in the 70's.

    • Ray: For Blow I had to age from 20 to 60, starting out in shape and then later putting on fat pads.

    • Ray: I know when I go to a movie I want to experience something, whether to laugh, to cry, to feel bad.

    • Ray: What I really am is a homebody. I was a homebody even before I had a family. My days are filled with home stuff.

    • Ray: (on why he looks a lot younger) It's the oily skin. It gives you zits when you are a teenager, but then it doesn't wrinkle as you get older.

    • Ray: I've only been in one fight in my whole life... in 7th grade, yet everyone thinks I'm a maniac.

    • Ray Liotta: Bad guys stand out in people's minds. If you think about De Niro or Pacino, you're not going to stay Stanley and Iris, you are not going to say Author! Author! Even with Brando, you are going to say The Godfather or Street Car. It is the edgier characters that are remembered. That's my rationalization.

    • Ray Liotta: Nothing. It's just make-believe. I don't think it's good to personalize it. If you do, it's limiting. The actors that do personalize it are the ones that always seem the same in every movie they do. I don't really look at it in any kind of deep psychological way that I learn something about myself. Aside from taking up the acting challenges, I'm really glad I took on the challenge of playing Sinatra, as scary as it was. I learned somewhat about myself - that I could do it and I knew what was bothering me - the fears that I had." - On what he learns about himself through the characters he plays.

    • Ray Liotta: (On landing Something Wild) Something Wild was my first movie. I was in an acting class and on a soap opera for three-and-a-half years in New York - I moved to L.A. at 25 and nothing was really going on for like a five-year period. I was still in acting class, I was in class all through Goodfellas actually, and I talked to some of the guys and they said, "Are you up for this movie, Something Wild?" and I said, "No." But I decided I really wanted to be up for it even though [Jonathan] Demme had already narrowed it down to three people. I'd been to college with Melanie Griffith's then-husband Steven Bauer and I called her up and said, "y'know, can you get me in and I felt weird about it, but here I am, thirty years old and I haven't done anything yet and I'd read the script and felt like I could do that as well as anyone out there so why not me?" She got me in, she insisted that Jonathan see me, and it just worked out with me.

    • Ray Liotta: (when asked why he did the voice of Tommy Vercetti for the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) For the money.

    • Ray Liotta: It would be nice to do a movie where I didn't have to choke the girl to get her.

  • Underrated but great actor!

    Talented and great but underrated as well as despite Smith flopping, hopefully he will land on another good show and that really he is good playing bad guys. With the rare good guy role of movies like Corrina, Corrina, and Field of Dreams. Very handsome and ages really well like fine wine if you ask me.
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    Awesome, badass actor who plays in great stuff like Copland, Narc, Vice City (the videogame), Blow and of course Goodfellas. Really one of my favourites.