Ray Milland

Ray Milland


1/3/1907, Neath, Wales, UK



Birth Name

Reginald Alfred John Truscott-Jones



Also Known As

Raymond Milland
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After three years of service as a guardsman with the Royal Household Cavalry in London, he entered British films in 1929. There are a few different stories about why he changed his name. Some say that he adopted a variation of his step-father's surname of Mullane. In Ray…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ray directed two films, A Man Alone (1955) and Panic In The Year Zero! (1962).

    • Ray did a personal endorsement of the General Electric company in 1953.

    • Ray tried enlisting in the US Army Air Forces during World War II, but was rejected due to an impaired left hand.

    • Ray was an expert marksman during his service with the Royal Household Calvary and served on the company's rifle team, winning competitions including the Risley Match in England.

    • Ray suffered multiple fractures and massive bruising when filming Hotel Imperial (1939). Ray was a horse enthusiast and insisted on riding in a scene where a stunt double would've been used, leading a calvary charge through a village. The saddle on which Ray was riding wasn't securely fastened, and when he brought the horse to a stop, it snapped and he flew into a pile of broken bricks.

    • Ray enjoyed parachuting, and was almost killed when going up in a plane with a pilot to test for filming of I Wanted Wings (1941). He wanted to jump but before he tried the plane started to run out of gas and the pilot told him they needed to land. After landing, it was then he found out from the costume man the parachute he was wearing was only a film prop.

    • Ray was the first actor to win the Best Actor award both at the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscar ceremonies for The Lost Weekend (1945).

    • Ray is the only actor to have never spoken a word in accepting the Best Actor Academy award, instead bowing to show his appreciation before leaving the stage.

    • Ray was the first choice for the role of Mortimer Duke in Trading Places (1983) but was unavailable and Don Ameche was selected in his place.

    • Ray starred in an unsold comedy pilot "Count Your Chickens" in 1962.

    • Ray was married to Muriel Webber from September 30, 1932 until his death on March 10, 1986. They had two children, Daniel David, and their adopted daughter, Veronica.

    • Ray believed that curling irons used on his hair for Reap The Wild Wind (1942) made him prematurely bald and permanently affected his career, causing him to lose leading actor status.

    • Ray took his stage name from Milland Road, in Neath, England, where he lived before becoming an actor.

    • Ray co-starred with former Los Angeles Rams star player Roosevelt 'Rosey' Greer in the horror-exploitation classic, The Thing With Two Heads (1972).

    • Ray has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for Motion Pictures at 1625 Vine Street and one for Television at 1620 Vine Street.

    • Ray won the Oscar for Best Actor In A Leading Role for The Lost Weekend (1945).

    • Ray was 6 feet 1 inch tall.

    • Ray has a tattoo of a skull with a snake curled on top with the tail sticking through on of the eyes. He mentions this in his book and it can be seen briefly in the movie Her Jungle Love (1938). Other times, the tattoo is covered either by clothing or with makeup. When his Aunt Louisa saw it, she told him to warn the woman he married so she wouldn't bolt up and leave on the wedding night.

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