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  • Titus Pullo played by Ray Stevenson

    Titus Pullo reminds me of a guy that I was in a relationship with. They look the same, act the same and are the same as far as their sexual appetite is concerned. I loved watching Ray Stevesons as his character. He was such a brute when he needed to be. Loyal, fierce, and acutally even loving. He was definitely nice to look at. I like a man that is big and muscular and knows how to handle themselves in a situation. I'm dissappointed that HBO did not continue the miniseries. My favorite part was when Cleopatra (sp?)gave him the "order" to have sex with her. His emotions afterwards were nicely played. Hope to see more of Ray Stevenson in the future.
  • Without him Rome wouldnt have been as awesome a series!

    Every episode from the first to last, this actor shined the most to me. He was an amazing Titus! Very witty and clever not to mention somewhat of a rogue character. He made me love this series and i am so amazed on the job well done on his part. The rebel with a heart! You know girls just love that! Yet also a skilled fighter! A real soldier. Some of these scenes took alot of dedication to pull off and Ray Stevenson nailed every last one! You have to watch this series to know what im talking about. I just thought that he outshined everyone including Purefoy! bravo Ray!
  • Titus Pullo

    Now, Ray defenitely has a challenge playing the ever changing Pullo. One minute he is frequenting brothel's and battling like a brute, the next he is defending his friends and being quite polite even to those beneath his station but he makes it work. I mean it's got to be a tough role to play. Trying to encompass what a man, a soldier of ancient Rome would have been like. Seems like it would take a lot of serious effort to me but as I said he really makes it work and he really makes you like the character of Pullo, though you may not always agree or be pleased with his actions. He seems like he's got a good sense of what works for him as an actor as well, not taking on endless role after role. He seems like a really sweet guy offscreen, too. I look forward to seeing more of him.