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Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone


2/19/1957, Hackney, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Ray Andrew Winstone


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Ray Winstone, an English film and television actor, was born on February 19, 1957, in Hackney, London. A short-term student at the privately held drama school, the Corona Stage Academy, in Hammersmith, his breakthrough performance, for which he is still often remembered, was that of the young offender…more


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    • Ray Winstone: You were allowed to go, like theater, where you carry a scene on and you become engrossed within the scene. I loved the speed of it. There was no time to sit around. You actually cracked on with a scene and your energy levels were kept up. There was no time to actually sit around and lose your concentration. So, for me, I actually really, really enjoyed this experience.

    • Ray Winstone: I had the beauty of not reading the book, which I understand portrays Beowulf as a very one-dimensional kind of character - a hero and a warrior and that was it. I didn't have any of that baggage to bring with me.

    • Ray Winstone: If you can get in a ring with 2,000 people watching and be smacked around by another guy, then walking onstage isn't hard.

    • Ray: Some of the best jobs I've done have been with directors who are very feminine, or who are women, because they look for other things in a man. They're not interested in the macho shit, you know. And I find that much more interesting because the strengths are already there. Physically I'm quite a big man, with a strong voice, but then you have to find the other stuff.

    • Ray: (answering why Robert Zemeckis chose him to play Beowulf) Well, he's obviously a very intelligent man (laughs).

    • Ray: I don't mind having a kiss now and then; I'd rather be kissing someone than punching them. But sometimes these are the more interesting parts to play.

    • Ray: (commenting on Spielberg) You know, the people that are really good at what they do are the easiest people in the world, and they allow you to bring something to the table. You end up doing what they want you to do, but they make you feel that you're bringing something to the table and it's just a real pleasure to go to work every day.

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  • great actor...

    I have only seen Ray Winstone in a few performances, but he is very talented. I think he deserves a bigger role in a tv show or movie because he is talented. I remember the first time I saw him acting was in King Arthur as Bors and he was great. He is one of my favorite characters in the movie and he brought so much to the character. He was halarious and raw at the same time. . . he was great. Overall, Ray is a great actor and I hope to see him in more roles in the near future.moreless