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  • One of the few actors to achieve big success with two different shows.

    For an actor to achieve the success that Raymond Burr did, anchoring two successful shows with close to decade-long runs for each is rare. And perhaps it is even more rare for an actor to do it with Burr's sense of generosity and philanthropy among his fellow actors and fellow men.

    As Perry Mason, Burr carried the series and defined the TV "defense attorney" for decades to come. He delivered a nuanced, hard-boiled performance and took his work seriously, often doing his own legal research to better understand the show and its concepts. That the character was so warmly received in the 1980s and 1990s reunion movies is a testament to the strength of the series and of Burr's performance. After a nine-year run of "Perry Mason" wrapped up, Burr immediately jumped into "Ironside," which itself ran for eight seasons. And it wasn't just a case of Perry Mason in a wheelchair. Robert Ironside was a distinctive character, crass and ill-tempered and miles away from Mason. But Burr made them both work. Even when illness struck him late in life, he kept working. He worked right up to his death, finishing one last "Perry Mason" movie before succumbing to cancer.

    It's almost ironic that Raymond Burr would be remembered as the upstanding, heroic Perry Mason and Ironside after breaking into acting in villainous roles (most famously as Lars Thorwald in "Rear Window.") He is remembered today as a tremendous talent and a genuine, caring man who has given the world hundreds of hours of entertainment.