Rayven Armijo

Rayven Armijo


11/6/1979, West Covina, California

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Rayven Armijo


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Rayven Armijo is from La Puente, CA and is one of the top 20 finalists on So You Think You Can Dance.


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    • (About Jamie Bayard, her partner on So You Think You Can Dance?)
      Rayven: He kept me grounded. There's that point when you're oh my gosh, we practiced so much and we have it, and you only have so many hours to actually get it, and he really kept me grounded. He's like we have to do this, we're focused, we've been practicing all night, we're hard workers. He's an excellent, excellent partner.

    • (When asked if she is going to keep dancing after So You Think You Can Dance?)
      Rayven: Yes. All these things cross your mind after you finish this, and it's that point where you say, 'Is this it? Should I just stop? Are my dreams crushed? No way.' I think it's the beginning of my dream, and I'm going to go next summer and audition for more things out there. I think I have it, I really do.

    • (When asked how she felt being eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance?
      Rayven: I was definitely, first, I was proud of myself and everything. I thank myself for actually pushing forward to keep moving and doing this, but after that thought went through, you're disappointed because I wanted to work with all the choreographers. I wanted to keep the experience going. I wanted to show America my potential, and I know they would have fallen in love with me.

    • (When asked what she has learned from the audition process of So You Think You Can Dance?)
      Rayven: That I'm strong in character, because it takes so much strength to make it this far.

    • (When asked what was her most memorable dance experience)
      Rayven: My most memorable was when I performed at Miss California. I had the stage all to myself. The theater was packed and the audience was feeling me.

    • (When asked what she would like to see as a result of being on So You Think You Can Dance?)
      Rayven: I'm ready for anything to happen. The ultimate would be great critiques and finish at the end of the season as America's Favorite Dancer.