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RBD is a Mexican band. They became famous in a soap opera (telenovela) called "Rebelde": Anahi, Alfonso, Dulce Maria, Christopher Uckermann, Maite Perroni and Christian Chavez are the members of the band RBD. Anahi and Christopher had once a relationship as well as Dulce Maria and Alfonso but…more


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  • One of the best groups of all time

    I don't speak or understand any Spanish, but that doesn't stop me from listening to them! I've also gotten my best friend into them too, and she agrees with me on everything I say right here.

    All of RBD's songs rock and all their albums are amazing! "Celestial" and "Nuestro Amor" are my personal favorites!

    All of the band members are gorgeous and talented in every way (Dulce and Christian are my favorite)!

    They should be a lot bigger in America!! Almost no one knows who they are, and that makes me sad! People are missing out on one of the best music artists of all time! Absolutly no one stands up to RBD!moreless
  • A very good band. Worthwhile.

    Seriously, rebelious. RBD is a pop group that is very good. In all aspects. Music, acting, and enterprises. Anahi has her own store. Dulce, has the voice of an angel and the aspect of a rebel. Mayte, the angel of the group. A very powerful woman who is underestimated. Poncho is a multi-tasker. And it works for him. Building mansions, making movies, a very busy man. Christopher is a very talented guy who has creativity written all over him, proven by the strong ballad, "Sueles Volver", writtem by him. And Christian, a very honest man who deserves what he has. Over all: 10 out of 10!moreless