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  • Reba Nell McEntire was born on March 28, 1955, in McAlester, Oklahoma. She received her big break in 1974 when she sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" when she was discovered by Red Steagall. Since then, she's never stopped suprising people.

    Reba McEntire is an amazing red-headed actress with the voice of an angel. She can sing, she can act and she has so many amazing talents. When I get older, I hope to be like her. I've never heard a song and not wanted to be able to sing like her. She's so sweet and she has tons of inner beauty as well as outer beauty. My dream is to be able to meet her; that would be so cool! I love Reba and I hope she keeps singing and acting for a really long time. You can tell she loves what she does.
  • Rockin' Reba!

    Hahaha, wanna know why I called her Rockin' Reba? It's because she's Reba, and she rocks! She totally rocks! I love her singing. I love her acting! She is so talented, and I hear she's really nice! I think my favorite Reba role is in the show "Reba." She was hilarious in that show! I watch it every chance I get! I love her role as Reba Hart. She always puts a smile on my face. She can do that to anyone. I hope I get to meet her one day and tell her she is a great role model.
  • She's amazing!

    Reba McEntire is wonderful. She's kind, loving, and generous. I first saw her on her TV shoe "Reba". I immediatly fell in love with the show. Then I found out she was a country singer. This woman's amazing, her voice is outstanding. Although I don't listen to her often, I still enjoy her songs. I even went to a Reba concert, it was so cool to know that I'm in the same room as Reba McEntire (Even though I was like 5,000 feet away lol!) Her character on Reba is a single mom who has to deal with her divorce from her husband. She's always loving, and she has prooven that she's a survivor!!!
  • I LOVE REBA!!!!!!

    I idolize Reba so much! She is extremely talented in so many arenas. She is a fabulous singer, and her acting is fantastic! It really amazes me all that she does. It is also wonderful and comforting to know that even though she is so great, she is one of the most down-to-earth people like ever!!! She is funny and the older she gets, the more beautiful she gets. She definately looks better than all those stuck-up celebs who are having all these cosmetic surgeries in their 30s+. I have never met her, but it would be a supreme privilege if one day I do. Reba is amazing and that's all there is to it. I don't understand how anyone could feel any negativities to her.
  • Reba Mcentire is my Hero!

    Yes, she is. She has got to be the coolest person ever. Her show was the best thing on TV! I still watch the re-runs. It is my favorite show of ALL TIME! Her music is like nothing I have ever heard before. Her voice is iconic, when you hear it, you know it is her. I haven't seen anything she has done and not loved it. One of the most talented people of all time. She has great peronality and work ethic. I hope that one day I will be as half as great as she is. She has made an impact on my life. She is the coolest ever. You gotta love Reba!!!!
  • reba is awesome

    Reba is an awesome person. She sings and she has her own show. She is so funny on her show and all her songs are awesome. I love rebas music videos and the way she sings. Reba is so great she was on the show Giants. Which is a show that comes on once a year that honors her great singing. Reba is always funny and i love her show. She is a very talented singer and actress which is why she is so great. Her series has now ended and i hope she appears on other shows in the future.
  • wonderful!!

    I think Reba is not only a great singer, song writer, or actress but she is just an all around good person. I watched CMT Giants a few months back and I learned so much about her. I liked her before but now I have a whole new outlook at her and her life. She has done some amazing things in her life to help out others by doing charity work, building homes and so much more. I think her tv show is wonderful too. It has a cute wit to it with a good life lesson all wrapped up into a thirty minute tv show. I can't wait to see what else Reba has for us.
  • reba is a great.........

    Reba Nell McEntire is known as Reba Hart in the show REBA. If you don’t watch it you should start to. It’s a great show for anyone. It’s a show about two couples who broke up because the husband had an affair with his assistant. Then the show goes on how there lives get better and worse. Reba oldest daughter gets pregnant that’s how the story took a start. Even without that show Reba McEntire is still amazing. She has a great voice. She has made about 32 albums. That’s a lot. What else can I say about her expect that she is a fabulous singer and actor. That’s mostly the stuff I know about Reba McEntire.
  • Reba McEntire is today's Lucille Ball. Redheads rule the television.

    Reba McEntire is the best actress on TV second only to Lucille Ball! REBA is such an awesome show and Reba does an outstanding job with her character. Reba has grown as an actress over these past six seasons. At the beginning of REBA she had limited exposure to television and now after six years she has mastered the art of acting. Reba is so dedicated to her work and it shows in every aspect. Reba McEntire has conquered every facet of show business she has been in. She has been successful in her music career, broadway, and now television. There is no aspect of show business that Reba can not overcome and master. REBA is just one more step up the success ladder for Reba McEntire. I can not wait to see what Reba does next.
  • empty

    I was never a big fan of Reba McEntire until I started watching her show, "Reba," last year. Now, while I still dislike country music and don't particularly care for Reba's music, I love her acting on the show. She brings a realism to her role like no one else--she's a Texan at heart and places that role to a "T" on the show.
  • Reba is the most awesome actress.

    Reba McEntire is such a good actress. Her television show is a major hit, and her songs come from the heart. The Reba clothing line is as beautiful as she is. I haven't heard a song of hers, that I didn't like. She is so pretty,even at 51. Annie Get Your Gun, was so impressive as was South Pacific. Reba succeeds at anything she does and that takes some serious effort. Reba is a true role model for all women, and all her awards have shown that this is true. I can't believe how awesome Reba is. This is why she is my favorite actress.
  • REBA is the best singer and actress she is the bomb she is really great I love her voice her acting and i love all the episodes she produced.

    REBA is the best.She has a good voice like an angel.I also like her acting she is so haliarious.And I also like her ideas from the episodes she produced.She is great that is why I can not get over her.She is the person who makes me laugh.Her sitcom reba is the new thing now.It is my official favorite sitcom.She is great.She is also gorgeous.I really wish that her show and carrer will last forever I really wish that will happen with all my heart.I really like everything about her.I really wish that when I get older I can achieve what you have achieved.I wish you all the best.For you and your family and also your carrer.
  • Reba is everything to Me!

    I saw Reba for a few episode last season on the WB, I wonder why this show went on for so long? And it hit me in the face! It was Reba McEntire. She is the heart and soul of the series. She is a wonderful woman. The only downside to her is she is married and I'm in love with her. But anyway, she's a great singer and a wonderful woman. she can be sexy, without even trying. She is WB's biggest miracle and I hope she can carry it to the CW. If I can see the show it's because of one woman, Reba McEntire.
  • Original...Never Selfish

    Tonight I watch a show on CMT that Honored Reba's Career.She started back in 1974 , she sang the Star Spangel Banner.She didn't have a # 1 song until 1982 , but after that there was no stopping her.She has one of the voices you would not mistake.She has had #1 record after # 1 recored . She has helped many old and new country acts , not just in music but in every day life.She has a big heart , and will tell you that friends are more important to her than all the fame.Her Show Reba has been on for 6 years , and is going strong.She love's her life, she loves to sing and act. But most of all she loves being a mom and a wife.
  • I think she is a very talented woman. Congrats to her!

    As I said up above, she's a very talented woman. It must be hard to juggle both singing and acting at the same time like she does. I love her show, surprisingly called "Reba" and i think she is a great asset to the show, considering there wouldn't be a show without her. I also enjoy the many songs she sings. I wish i could be as talented as her.
    I don't really knwo much about her, actually, i've only seen her on her show and her music videos, so there's really not much more that i can say about her, except i think she is an inspiration to many.
  • Reba McEntire is a country singer. She is also on the show Reba and plays Reba Hart.

    She is one of my favorite country artist. My favorite CD is Love Collection. When I found out she was going to have her own show I was so excited. I watch it all the time. The show deals with stuf that I'm going through. I have also read both her books ("Reba: My Story" and "Comfort from a Country Quilt"). She can do every thing.
  • Reba has got it going on.

    Reba is one of the all- time greats. Her music has so much power in it and she's an award winner. Besides being an awesome and great singer, Reba is also a tremendous actor. Whoever decided to give her show did a great job. Because Reba deserved her own show. She may only be on one show, but what other country music star has their own show?And I don't mean as a host. And her show is coming back for another season. So you can tell how much people love her. Reba is so talented and amazing. I love her music and I love her show! What a great person!
  • Reba can do it all

    Reba McEntire is one of Country Music's biggest stars, she also has a hit show, proving that Reba can do that and so much more, other then the fact of being attractive, shes a great singer with a lot of great songs that she has sung over the years, she has a voice that once you hear a song of hers you know right away who it is, then she took on the tv industry with her hit show Reba, she already had a couple of movies under her belt with the Gambler, and her show Reba proves that Reba McEntire can do it all.
  • Reba McEntire is the face of country music and the acting world merging.

    Reba McEntire. What is there to say about Reba McEntire? Alot of things. Many say she's a fantastic singer, others say she's a great actress. I think they are right. Reba McEntire is a wonderful person. She is very in tune with her fans, both when singing, and when acting. She listens, she has a true heart, its like its made of gold.
    Reba's singing made her a big star, her first big hit was "Whoever's in New England" Things just piled on after that. She has inspired many, with her song and video "Is There Life Out There."
    She has acted a long time too. Tremors was a great movie, her very first, and I dont think it could have been as good without Reba playing who she was.
    Reba has accomplished so much, conquered so many things... and sometimes isnt given enough credit. But she is still loved by so many people, and nothing will stop this woman when she sets her mind to something.
  • What a star!

    Who is this person? Why she's Reba McEntire! Reba McEntire is a singer and a comedy star. Reba, her own show would never be as successful without this country singer. She may look well be on her age, but definitely is a comedy diva on TV! Good job WB for creating and producing such a wonderful show with this diva! She brings joy to all her views, young and old. This woman is an amazing actress a deserves to win an emmy, if not already.

    ***One of the best!***
    ***Two thumbs up!***
    ***Absolutely charming and beautiful!***

    Thank you Reba McEntire, you are the light of the show!