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    • Reba: (When asked about the end of her sitcom, Feb. 2007) I know it won't be shopped to another network. And it's very sad that it is over, because it was a very positive show to watch that the whole family could watch together. But we did a wonderful six years, we had a great run and we're very very thankful for that. I hope someday to get to do another sitcom and do television again. I hope that I'm blessed enough to where it's THAT ensemble that we all got along we were like a family. And it's very upsetting to know that you're not going back to work. It wasn't work it was fun. We played. We had the best time and our writers were great. Everybody on the whole team was just super to work with. It was a huge family and I'm going to miss them. We do stay in touch, but we just don't get to go in every morning at 9 o'clock and get to play like we did.