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Rebecca Budig

Rebecca Budig


6/26/1973, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA

Birth Name

Rebecca Budig


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Rebecca was born in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky and has five sisters and two brothers.

Rebecca is best known for her role of Greenlee Smythe du Pres Lavery on All My Children. She has played the role since August 1999. She also appeared for three years as Michelle…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Good actress.

    Nice woman.
  • Sabine Singhe is ok but...............

    Rebecca Buddig is Greenlee Smythe Dupree Lavery, I was finally getting used to Sabine as Greenlee however I am soooo glad to have Rebecca back, not that Sabine isn't talented but I have been watching AMC for 39 years and when you have the chance to have an original back it is fantastic, her chemistry with Alecia and Cameron is phenomenal, as it is with Susan Lucci. I can't wait to see her have more interaction with Aidan than she did before. Her scenes during the Leo falling off Millers falls, the scenes where she and Ryan got married, the scenes with greenlee and Kendall after Ryan "died" were heart wrenching to say the least so welcome home Rebecca welcome home..moreless