Rebecca De Mornay

Rebecca De Mornay


8/29/1959, Santa Rosa, California, USA

Birth Name

Rebecca Jane Pearch



Also Known As

Rebecca DeMornay, Rebecca De Mornay, Rebecca Pearch
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Rebecca De Mornay was born in northern California, and was raised by her mother Julie and stepfather Richard De Mornay until his death when she was five years old. Rebecca's mother then moved her and her half-brother Peter to Europe, where she was raised primarily in England and…more


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  • Goreous underused actress from The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

    Born in North Calafornia, and raised in UK and Austria , Rebecca Peirch took her step fathers name when she 5, Rebecca made her screen debut as a hooker in the Tom Cruise Film Risky Business, and went onto make numerous other films, most notably The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. She has also starred as a cancer sufferer in ER. She can speak fluent French and German, and has a daughter she gave birth to in 1997 to Ryan O'Neils son Patrick. Its a shame she isn't doing much film or TV these days and I hope she hasn't hit her peak, she is a beautful lady.moreless
  • Great actress but not given that much to showcase her talent!

    I have loved her since Risky Business and the Hand that Rocks the Cradle. As she has a lot of potential as an actress for stardom. But hasn't been given that chance at all. Unlike her ex-boyfriend Tom Cruise has been. Hopefully the show John from Cincinnatti will give her that talent. That she has been lacking. Great actress that deserves stardom.