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    • Rebecca was a special guest on Big Brother Up Late on July 24th, 2007. She provided special comments on video footage that showed Big Brother housemates discussing who the hoped would win and who they hoped would not win.

    • Rebecca was the ninth housemate to be evicted from the 2007 series of Big Brother. She was evicted on Day 50, along with Emma Cornell, in a double eviction. She was evicted with 4% of the merged vote by the public.

    • When Rebecca was a child, her older sister Emma died, aged just 12-years-old.

    • When Rebecca was younger, she successfully battled an eating order.

    • Rebecca admits she has some bad habits such as messy eating, talkativeness and general disorganisation.

    • As a Mormon, Rebecca revealed she had never worn a bikini or had an alcoholic drink. During a period when she questioned her religion, Rebecca lost her viginity but has since renewed her faith and attends church regularly.

    • On the season opening episode of the 2007 Australian Big Brother series, Rebecca revealed the fact she could fit twelve sultanas in her belly button.

    • During the Australian 2007 season of Big Brother, Rebecca's mother complained to the media after her daughter was subjected to ridicule by fellow housemates for not joining in drinking games, due to her religion.

    • On the first episode of Big Brother, Rebecca described herself as open, vibrant and bubbly.

    • In 2007, Rebecca became the first housemate to appear on Big Brother who was a Mormon.

    • Rebecca is a lifeskills coach for the organisation, Life Be In It.

    • Rebecca's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house was as an events manager.

    • As at April 2007, Rebecca resides in Queensland, Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Rebecca: (on the stupidest thing he's ever done) Drink four litres of milk in half an hour. The result was sour cream forming in my nostrils. I smelt of milk for weeks.

    • Rebecca: (on her prior eating disorder) It lasted a while. I was going througha dark patch in my life st that time. I got back from a trip to Canada and I'd put on a fair bit of weight. I hated myself.

    • Rebecca: (asked who she thinks was playing the game in "Big Brother") Billy, Zoran and Joel (Scalzi). The three of them, quite intensely.

    • Rebecca: (on being evicted from "Big Brother" on the same night as Emma Cornell) We actually haven't been around each other, under the circumstances. It's kind of irony in some ways that it happened that way. I just want the people in the house to be able to spend their time in there and I'm grateful that it wasn't one of my close friends. I think outside of the house, it will be a very different Emma that we are seeing. I think being in the house brought out a lot of her worst qualities, and she has a lot of really good qualities.

    • Rebecca: (on the low point of her "Big Brother" experience) The negativity I experienced, regarding the person that I was.

    • Rebecca: (asked if she ever thought of walking out of the "Big Brother" house) I really wanted to see it through and really fight it until it just came to a point where it potentially broke and the system did break. There was a system going on and everyone saw it, there was a power play going on and I wanted to see that break, in order for the more individual personalities to come out. When you're an individual you should have the chance to express yourself the way that you choose to, not the way the group chooses you to. That happened a lot. I had the ability to internalise a lot of things, whereas some of the group verbalised things and it caused a lot of problems.

    • Rebecca: (asked if she compromised her beliefs in any way in the "Big Brother" house) Definitely not. I was myself as much as I could be, under the circumstances. There's parts of you that just don't get encouraged out.

    • Rebecca: (asked if she was upset to be evicted from "Big Brother") There's a part of me that is just because I'm really excited about the new dynamics that will be in the house at the moment. Obviously for me, one of my difficulties left and it would have been really interesting to see how things would have been different in the house and maybe I would have had a chance to bring out the best in people in there, rather than the worst being brought out in people. People were encouraging negativity and I was encouraging positivity and the two don't meet in the middle.

    • Rebecca: (on the low point of her "Big Brother" experience) The negativity I experienced, regarding the person that I was.

    • Rebecca: (asked if she is always as hyper and emotional as she appeared in "Big Brother") I'm very manic in some ways. I live my life with my heart on my sleeve and I choose to do so because I feel things a lot more than other people who guard themselves. I let my guard down. I experience people to their full extent, I experience situations to their full extent — the highs and lows. You appreciate the good when you get really, really bad. It's a weird way to live, but there was more happiness than sadness in the house, but I don't think you guys got see most of the happy times. There were a lot of happy times.

    • Rebecca: (asked if there was any possibility she might get together with Jamie MacDonald) Before I entered the house, literally two days before, a close friend of mine and I ended up discovering some feelings for each other that we didn't know we had. The first person that I called when I got out of the house was him and it was really lovely. I didn't go to sleep at all last night, I was in my hotel room with my dad and this gentleman, because he drove all the way down and we stayed up all night. It was one of those really lovely, lovely things. It's basically a romance that's blossoming and it's really, really good. I was really happy to find that he felt the same way after the eight weeks that I've been gone.

    • Rebecca: (on the high point of her "Big Brother" experience) I had so many. I really loved the Bollywood — that was a lot of fun. Probably the only chance I'm ever going to get based on my lack of colour. Also being shut with the boys in the ice cave.

    • Rebecca: (on who should play her in a movie on her life) Cameron Diaz. People say I look and act like her a lot.

    • Rebecca: (asked which historical figure she would most like to pash) Thomas Edison because he could turn me on. I think there would be sparks.

    • Rebecca: (revealing that applying to go on "big Brother" was a way of breaking the mould of being a Mormon) I forgot the inhibitions and went with my gut on this one.