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Rebecca Epley was eliminated in a shocking double elimination on the fourth installment of "America's Next Top Model" on UPN. A few episodes before her elimination, she fainted, due to a nerve disorder. Since being eliminated, she has signed with VNY model management, appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, and…more


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    • Rebecca: I love anything that rocks and even some heavy techno beats. Pretty much anything except country.

    • Rebecca: I don't even know what the titles are, I just read whatever I can get my hands on. I have way to much time to kill riding the subways around Manhattan. From trashy romance novels to Harry Potter, I will read it.

    • Rebecca: I usually only catch about 15 minutes of any show since I have given up my remote control privileges to hubby who channels surfs all night. If I have control, I am totally into the Food Network, Family Guy, and Extreme Home Makeover (I cry every time!!).

    • Rebecca: It all started in Stillwater, MN where I grew up playing sports and trying to figure out exactly how I was going to get myself out of that small town. Now I have ended up on E! Networks "101 Most Outrageous Reality Moments" as ..80. I guess I got what I wanted, sorta. OK, back up again. After high school I became a flight attendant instead of going to college. What a trip, literally!! I have deifinetely had my fair share of crazy layovers. I then met my future husband singing his heart out at a club in Minneapolis. Hands down the best singer/songwriter out there. Then I went on the show "America's Next Top Model". I thought that might be a great way outta this town. After the show aired and I didn't win the crown (boohoo), I went to New York to do it on the own.

  • she sould have gone further than she did

    like in antm she was cut cause she was "the girl next door" but in my opinion, she was a little commercial yeah but she had loads of potential. her pillow fight photo was not bad, i mean i really loved it (too bad janice didnt) and they eliminated her cause they wanted to give the girls "a wake up call" because if not then only tiffany would have gone home (as they said later).

    she was really sexy, good looking, photogenic and really payed attention in her photoshoots like she took directions well i dunno why the f**k they got her out of the show cause she was really gorgeous. her car shot was amazing although thye didnt like it...i dunno what they're like is but they're soooo wrong man!!!moreless