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Rebecca Gibney

Rebecca Gibney


12/14/1964, Levin, New Zealand

Birth Name

Rebecca Catherine Gibney


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Rebecca was born in Levin, New Zealand on December 14, 1964. She was born as the youngest of six children and grew up in Wellington on the north of New Zealand's two islands. At age 19 she crossed the Tasman-sea and has become one of Australia's most appreciated…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Perhaps one of the most well known actresses on Australian television and definitely one of the most admired, Rebecca Gibney is a class act who shows audiences what the word 'talent' really means.moreless

    From her rearly role as Emma Plimpton-Patterson in 'The Flying Doctors', Rebecca Gibney has been known and loved by the Australian viewing public. Since the early 1980s, she has been one of the strongest and most recognizeable icons of Australian television culture. Her roles in such shows as 'All Together Now' when she played the warm and sometimes clueless Tracy Lawson to her riveting portrayal of Dr. Jane Halifax in 'Halifax f.p.' have placed her firmly at the top of the pile and that is where she belongs because she can turn her hand to anything from comedy, to mystery, to horror or drama and that is the mark of a talented actress who knows and loves her craft.

    One of the best things about Rebecca's acting style is that all of her characters are so believeable. She really was Jane Halifax just as she really is Julie Rafter in her current hit, 'Packed To The Rafters'. Add to this such amazing tele-movies and mini-series' as 'Come In Spinner', '13 Gantry Row', 'The Maria Korp' story, 'Kangaroo Palace' and a host of others and you can see why this talented and versatile lady will never find herself out of work in this country! If you haven't seen any of Rebecca's amazing performances, then you should, you won't be sorry that you did.moreless
  • Rebecca Gibney is best known for her roles in The Flying Doctors, Halifax fp and Packed to the Rafters. Her fame has peaked in recent years winning two silver logies and a gold for her role as Julie Rafter in Packed to the Rafters.moreless

    Rebecca is without a doubt one of the most talented Australian actresses to ever grace our screens. Her dedication to each role she takes on is breathtaking and she truely makes each character believable. Rebecca never shows fear when taking on strong roles such as Jane Halifax in Halifax fp or showing her sultry side in numerous roles including Wicked Love: The Maria Korp story in which she geared up in sexy lingere for the role (despite being in her 40's she is still damn good looking!)

    With her most recent role as Julie Rafter, Rebecca is now able to show her softer and more nurturing side, playing a mother and housewife. This seems to be the role she was destined to play and her grace and humour on screen has made Australian viewers fall in love with her all over again.

    No doubt Rebecca Gibney's star will continue to rise for many many years to come :)moreless