Rebecca Handler

Rebecca Handler

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Rebecca Honig Friedman, Rebecca Honig
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Rebecca Handler is a voice actress, director and writer known in the properties of 4Kids Entertainment.


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  • She sucks all right!

    Oh my god she did ruin Cream's voice and turned into a 3 year old girl's voice i do not like her one bit she makes Cream whine and stuff bring another voice actor to play Cream or bring the old one back just ban this voice actor she's TALENTLESS for godsakes i agree with many people who want her banned please make Cream have her old voice or get a better one i hope she gets fired from voice acting because she's talentless I hate Rebecca Handler or Honig whatever.And also her name is Rebecca i just hate that stupid name i don't hate anyone with that name but that name sucks.moreless
  • This voice isn't very good for Cream. It sounds too high-pitched!

    I don't really like her voice that much. It really DOES sound a bit squeaky and high-pitched. In the games, I can just about tolerate her VA because the game is more important, but the show? well... the voice wasn't well delivered in my opinion. I've played some of the other games, and I have to say that they provided a better voice for her and it suited her age range, making her sound young at heart.

    I'm just saying that the VA for Cream needs improvement and she needs a WAY better voice.moreless