Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst


5/12/1977, Encino, California, USA

Birth Name

Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst



Also Known As

Becky Herbst
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At the age of six Rebecca told her mother that she wanted to be on television. Since then she certainly has. She's done over 60 comercials, and she's apeared in lots of tv series: Highway to Heaven, L.A. Law, Beverly Hills 90210 and Step By Step is only…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Hate her character on General Hospital.

    Good actress but please get her off of GH.
  • she is so pretty.without her the show would not be the same!

    Elizabeth is a very important character in the plot.In the past months she had an affair with Jason, beacause they both needed comfort.Lucky was taking drugs and Sam slept with her step father.But Lucky and Elizabeth stayed together.(of course.)So now she's pregnant with Jason's child.Jason got shot and Elizabeth took was there and told him it was his baby(because she told Lucky he was the father because she was afraid the baby would be in danger, because of Jason's job.)but Jason was unconcious.She nursed him back to health, and he went back to Sam, and she went back to Lucky.Lucky still thought the baby was his.Well,Maxie was getting Lucky drugs and one night she kissed him and they slept together.But when she found out that he still wanted Elizabeth, she pretended to be pregnant.Eventually, she couldn't hide it anymore.She was on her period,so when she was arguing with Lucky on a flight of stairs, so she fell on purpose.In the hospital Maxie takes off her ''bump'' and the docter said she had a ''miscarriage'' and her and Lucky still got along.But Elizabeth found out Maxie had been faking it, so she went to go tell Luckie but Maxie told him first.Lucky was shocked and he didn't want her anymore.Elizabeth and lucky started to date(because they're divorced), and suddenly Lucky proposes.Elizabeth said it's too soon and she needed time.Lucky said he wants them to be married before the baby's born.Elizabeth started meeting Jason and talking about her problems.When she is talking to Jason a couple of different times, Jason says that if the baby were his(which it is), he would love it and protect it.Elizabeth feels bad and almost tells him its his baby, but she doesen't for some reason.She talks to Emily (after Emily and Nicolas find Spencer), about her and Lucky,Elizabeth says she is tired of people pushing her and Lucky together.Emily asks her if Elizabeth loves him, she says she doesn't know for sure.At the party for Spencer's return, this party at the Metro Court comes up.Elizabeth is invited to come,and also to come with Lucky.At the Metro Court Elizabeth arrives, but Lucky isn't there yet.there's another party upstairs with the Quartermaines.But downstairs alot of people are there like Sonny,Carly,Max,LouLou,Elizabeth,Maxie,Robin,Sam,Emily,

    Nicholas,Alan,and a lot of other people.Well,during the party a group of masked gunmen run in and say if the people listen the robbery could be over in 5 minutes.they want Alcazars briefcase and the guy that wants it represents the buyer.When go and get it they take a hostage,Maxie.But while they're in the vault Sam pushes the silent alarm button.So Maxie and a gunmen, and the briefcase are locked in there for 12 hours.So the gunmen or the leader Mr.Craig stay and attempt to wait until the vault opens.a Quick summary(you'll have to watch it.)Robin gets shot,so does max(but not life threatining), the hotel is wired to explode,and Alan had a heartattack and was picked to leave, and he went to General Hospital to get surgery.(you'll have to see the rest for yourself.)Anyway Elizabeth is a very lovable character and we all love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless