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Rebecca Hobbs


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Rebecca is the daughter of Emmet Hobbs and his first wife Aileen (neé O'Sullivan). Her stepmother is actress Sara Pierce. Rebecca graduated from the Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School. She not only acts, but also writes for tv and theatre. She has written for both tv and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rebecca has the distinction of being one of the only actors to perform two major roles on the NZ soap Shortland Street.

    • Rebecca's costume for her role of Gerri on Burying Brian included a padded bra that was actually painful to wear. She says of it, "At times it was really painful, in order to create the cleavage we had to pull the straps unbelievably tight - we almost drew blood on my shoulders one day - but it was worth it."

    • Kevin Sorbo of Hercules worked with Rebecca in several episodes, including "The Siege at Naxos" and "Doomsday", and he said that it was a pleasure to work with her.

    • Rebecca enjoys athletics, and does aerobics, dancing, fencing, horseback riding, ice skating, juggling, netball, rollerskate/blade, skiing, swimming, tennis, and water skiing.

    • Rebecca's theatre credits include:
      (2003) Mums the Word "Alison" NZ Tour, Volcanic Island, Dir Annie Davies McCubbin
      (2001) Secret Bridesmaid's Business Auckland Theatre Company
      (2001) A Midsummer Nights Dream "Helena" New Zealand Actors Company Tour, Dir Simon Bennett
      (1996) The Unsung Boy "Sarah" Dir Jed Brophy
      (1995/96) True "Nicky" Bats Theatre, Wellington
      (1995) The Learners Stand "Jo" Court Theatre, Christchurch
      (1995) Poor Superman "Violet" Circa Theatre, Wellington
      (1995) Three Tall Women Court Theatre, Christchurch
      (1994/95) Charlie's Aunt "Ela" Court Theatre, Christchurch

    • Rebecca is 5'7", with blond hair and blue eyes.

    • Rebecca was on the Negative Team for the comedic Great Debate asking the question, "Is sex the most important part of the relationship?" Her teammates were Craig Parker and Oliver Driver, and they were opposed by an Affirmative Team consisting of Ginette McDonald, Kevin Smith, and Anna Kennedy. She and her teammates won the debate, which was judged by their audience.

    • During the comedic "Great Debate" to determine "whether rugby is only a game", Craig Parker (Affirmative Team) got Rebecca (Negative Team) to admit something she probably shouldn't have- her Auntie Marion is a member of the government and according to Rebecca, it is therefore the duty of all Hobbs women to bag an All Black (New Zealand's top rugby team).

    • Rebecca is the niece of Marion Hobbs, New Zealand's former Minister for the Environment, Biosecurity and Broadcasting.

    • Rebecca's theatre credits include roles in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo & Juliet, Three Tall Women, Poor Superman, Mum's The Word, True, and Secret Bridesmaids Business. Even when a few the productions themselves were panned by the critics, Rebecca was always singled out for warm praise for her individual performance.

    • Rebecca was the winner of the "Best Actress" award of the Fantasporto Film Festival of Portugal for her film The Ugly.

    • Rebecca took part in Auckland's seventh annual Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park (2000). The free event was created to raise money for the Child Health Research Foundation by crowd donation, and attracted some 200,000 people to the fundraiser.

    • Rebecca is the originator of childrens television series P.E.T Detectives, which she developed and wrote with Michael Bennett. She is also credited as an Associate Producer of P.E.T Detectives.

    • Rebecca is one of several actors who takes part in the yearly Great Debate at the Queenstown Winter Festival. The debates are comic, with topics such as "Is New Zealand an Idle Nation?". Rebecca was on the Affirmative Team for that particular debate along with Ginette McDonald and Oliver Driver, and was opposed by Craig Parker, Kerre Woodham and Raybon Kan.

    • In 1996 Rebecca was Nnminated for "Best Play" for The Unsung Boy at the Chapmann Tripp Theatre Awards.

    • In 2002, Rebecca was the Winner of "Best Subject" for her short film Tick at the Capalbio Short Film Festival in Rome. She was also invited to Open the New York Film Festival with Tick. Rebecca wrote and directed the seven minute piece. It starred Paolo Rotondo, and was about a bored working stiff who has to tell his boss why he wants to stay with the company and can't seem to think of a reason.

    • Rebecca is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

  • Quotes

    • Rebecca: (when asked the most challenging aspect of playing Gerri on "Burying Brian) Gerri's mega boobs! At first I (and many important people in charge) feared that turning my A cup into a DD would prove an impossible task. But Julie (Christie) and Bob (our fantastic wardrobe diva/designer who has experience queening) created the most epic padded bra known to man.

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  • I just watched Doomsday, an episode from Hercules, the Legendary Journeys

    I was so enamored with the actress who played Katrina in the episode I had to stop and look her up and find out who she was. I learned she was an actress from New Zealand named Rebecca Hobbs.

    I wanted to write her and tell he what a wonderful actress I think she is. I also wanted her to look over some of my writings and give me an opinion.

    I look forward to watching other roles she has played. I am amazed she is not more famous.moreless