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Rebecca Love

Rebecca Love


1/30/1977, Virginia, USA

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Rebecca Love


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  • About Me:

    OK, you want to know more about the real Rebecca Love? Well, I grew up in Upstate NY in the Adirondacks. Yes, up near the only bridge to Vermont. That is where cow tipping is a sport. The winters are very bitter and harsh but the summers are amazing. If you ever watch the movie "Sweet Alabama" that reminds me of home. We always do the confederacy war in the spring to celebrate the battles of the forts. So much history up there we have to relive it annually.

    After I graduated high school, I moved to sunny Florida 100's of miles away from my small town. I planted my feet in the sand of Palm Beach. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. The aqua-blue ocean, the warm beige sand and many of hot sexy people. I was living the dream and going to college. It was very hard to maintain both leisure and academic. I stayed with it for almost 2 years and decided to make more money dancing so I could still do both without working 40 hours a week. Yes, I was a STRIPPER. I loved it. A lot of work dancing on 5 inch heels 8 hours a day, but my physic was smoking. One night I saw a headliner on stage. (This is where a club pays a well-known name to do a routine that week.) When I saw her perform her 20 minute set in costume as a firefighter. I was sold. That is what I wanted to do. It only took me 2 more years to figure out I was ready.

    In the meantime, I went from Palm Beach to Tampa then off to Houston Texas. During that time I had a beautiful baby girl. She is no longer a baby but she is the apple of my eye. After I settled in Texas, I flew to Los Angeles and set up an interview with Playboy and Hustler. I got accepted by Larry Flint himself. After that Vivid Video took me under their wing and my career snowballed from there. Once again we picked up the family and moved to California, which I stayed for few years and made many friends in the industry.

    I made my movies, did the magazines, slept with the rich and famous and then I made it……….that's right I am a headliner. Goal succeeded!

    Now I live in Vegas. I have signed a contract with www.VavoomTV.com which films here. I also still am involved in radio. You used to listen to me on KSEXradio but now I am on www.VavoomRadio.com Plus, we have a new addition to the family, Deuce. He is the pet Chihuahua. I am sure I am leaving a few details out but if you want to know more just ask me. You can email me or call me during the week.