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    • Rebecca reunited with screen sister Marnie Reece-Wilmore in the Channel 10 TV movie "Life." Amongst their scenes was a lesbian kiss.

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    • Rebecca: (on growing up on national television while performing in "Neighbours") You have braces, your first bra and your first kiss on TV. Unfortunately for me,, all those awkward teenage things that everyone tries to forget have been broadcast across the world!

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  • Whatever happened to?

    Rebecca Ritters played Hannah Martin in the Australian soap "Neighbours" between 1992 and 1999.

    During this time Hannah saw her mother kill herself, her brother in and out of juvenile detention, and her sister suffer from an eating disorder (Bulimia) and start a relationship with her Aunt's boyfriend and her grandmother died whilst sitting next to her; remarkably she remained a well-balanced teenager.

    The scriptwriters never seemed to know how to develop the character; at one point she befriended the then "wild-boy" Jared "Toadie" Rebecchi, and was caught holding his cigarette and wrongly accused of smoking. But instead of pursuing this storyline, the scriptwriters instead tamed Jared. For a period as well there were hints, sometimes none-too-subtle, that Hannah and Jared shared a mutual attraction.

    Rebecca played Hannah with wit and sometimes deep emotion. Probably not a naturally beautiful person (as most of the younger cast members of Neighbours tend to be), she managed to portray the difficulties of adolescence convincingly.

    Since her character was written out of the show, along with the rest of her family, little has been seen or heard of Rebecca.

    For a while she based herself in the United Kingdom, starring in a summer season of open-air Shakespeare (playing, amongst other roles, Juliet). She also had a short spell playing an Australian backpacker in the soap Coronation Street to coincide with Manchester hosting the Commonwealth Games.

    Rebecca has filmed a short cameo as part of Neighbours' 20th Anniversary celebrations, but it seems acting work has not been forthcoming, with reports of her working in a Melbourne cafe.

    If true, this is very sad, as in her few roles, she showed a natural flair, a cheeky sense of humour, and a good deal more ability than many of her peers that have resided in Ramsey Street during the last 20 years.moreless