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  • Soooooo pretty...good actress too!!

    I loved her as pepper dennis. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. She was a way better actress than expected. I think she has an amazing style. She's just beautiful. I think pepper dennis was the perfect role for her, she was very convincing. I think her and jerry o'connell make a really weird couple, but they're really cute together. I really like her!!
  • Consistent

    She is a greaaaat tv host.
  • Rebbeca plays some very interesting roles

    okay this is a very talented actress who doesnt play your regular you now girl next door routin all the time she plays very complex charachters my favorite being Mystique one the three X men serious she did an amazing job as the naked blue charachter who changed shape several times. okay so now she's on one of my favorite shows Ugly Betty as Alex-Alexsis Meade and yall she just came in and stole the show the episode she was revealed was Crazy it was like a punch in the face and a women who could play a women who used to be a man was like wow she was outstanding , keep it up the good work.