Rebecca Shoichet

Rebecca Shoichet


Ottawa, Canada

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Rebecca Shoicet, Rebecca Schoichet, Rebecca Shoichet Stoll
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Rebecca is an actress and singer from the Vancouver area. One of her biggest roles is lead singing in Playhouse Company's show Joni Mitchell: River. In the anime world, Rebecca provides voices for Yuki in Star Ocean EX, Enju and Eri in Inuyasha, Nana Osaki in Nana, and…more


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    • Rebecca's song, "You're a Lover," was featured in an associated artists EP album called Clean Vision by New York City DJ and producer Alexi Delano (also known as ADNY). She also sang on his EP single "There I Go Again."

    • Rebecca provided harmony vocals on singer/songwriter Robert Wilson's album, Be My Habit.

    • Rebecca was one of a group of "Vancouver singer chicks" that sang with country singer Kelly Brock on her single "Thirty-Something." which is found on her album Rebel Kind.

    • Rebecca has collaborated with her band members in Soulstream including:

      Brass player Vince Mai on his album Subte.

      Saxophone player Bill Runge on his projects Acid Test, and the Otto Van Selmer Orchestra. In Acid Test, Rebecca and Bill wrote a song called "Sombrio" for his album, Tribute to the South American Masters. "Sombrio" was featured in an episode of the Degrassi TV series during Season 7.

    • Rebecca's father is Arnold Shiochet, who not only had worked as a family doctor in Victoria, but also is a singer and songwriter. Her mom worked as a book restorer.

    • Rebecca was one of 30 local artists to participate in the Motown Meltdown, a concert that raises funds for the Shooting Stars Foundation that helps out folks with AIDS. She participated in the years 2005 and 2006.

    • Rebecca played the Ewok and did the costuming for the short film, Ewok in an Elevator, which was a finalist at the Star Wars Fan Film awards in 2004.

    • Rebecca trained and performed with the Victoria Operatic Society, starting at nine years old and all the way through her teenage years.

    • Rebecca's brother, Sam Shoichet, is a bassist in the Vancouver area. Rebecca originally worked with him in a band called Xanadu, which covered disco tunes from ABBA and other 1970s bands. Sam is part of a music group with violinist Lache Cercel called the Roma Swing Ensemble, where Rebecca has regularly provided guest vocalists on their albums and at their concerts.

    • One of Rebecca's high school friends is Kia Kadiri, a hip hop singer and MC. They have performed together on different projects.

    • Rebecca graduated from Oak Bay High School in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1993, and landed a spot as Maria in a local production of West Side Story. While at Oak Bay, she had a lead role in The Music Man and also sang in Guys and Dolls.

    • Rebecca has gone on tour in Europe with singer Amanda Marshall, Johnny Ferriera and the Swing Machine. She has also performed with Tom Cochrane.

    • Rebecca is a vocalist for the quartet jazz band, Mimosa, which plays regularly at local festivals.

    • Rebecca Shoichet graduated from Sheridan College in 1997 with a focus in musical theatre.

    • Rebecca married Randall Stoll, who is a drummer for a local cover band called Soulstream, of which she is a lead singer.

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