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Dublin, Ireland

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Despite starting his show business career behind the cameras in the production of television shows, Irish born actress Rebekah Wainwright acquired acting experience on stage performing in several theatre productions before she managed to get a small part in the Irish miniseries The Roaring Twenties, which meant her…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rebekah turned down a role in The Tudors due to the very explicit nature of the sex scene involved. However, just a few weeks later she was called again to try for the part of Catherine Brook, which she landed. Even though initially her role was only written for two scenes at the end of series 1, her talent granted her continuity in the show.

    • Rebekah made her television debut in Stephen Stubbs' TV series The Roaring 20's in 2008.

    • Outside the show business, Rebekah has worked as a Trainee Accountant, which she loved.

    • Rebekah has worked behind the cameras on two movie sets:
      -As a production coordinator for It Happened One Night in 2005.
      -As a production assistant for the 2005 remake of The Honeymooners.

    • Rebekah's favorite book is The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder. Her favorite filmmaker is Woody Allen, and she is particularly fond of Annie Hall. A TV show she is hooked on is Brothers and Sisters.

    • Rebekah was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland with her mother and grandmother.

    • Rebekah has taken part in several theater productions including The Twelfth Night, Comedy of Errors and Romeo and Juliet.

    • Rebekah was only 19 years old when she focused on getting a bachelor's degree so she auditioned for Ireland's only BA in Acting Studies course at Trinity College Dublin. She missed her first day of college to shoot a small part in The Tudors, but as her role was written in for longer, she compagino studies and work.

    • Rebekah has always wanted to be actress and because of her passion for performing, she was admitted into the prestigious Irish drama school Gaiety School of Acting, at a very young age. She completed her Leaving Cert in 2004, when she was 19.

    • Rebekah has light blue eyes and brown hair.

  • Quotes

    • Rebekah: (About Henry Cavill, her co-star on The Tudors) Henry is fantastic to work with. It was great that we were able to hang out and have fun and also work really well together when we were on set. We did most of our scenes in one take, which doesn't happen very often in the business! He's very professional when we're shooting, then off set he's very funny! Is he a good kisser? I wouldn't really know, to be honest! A screen kiss is absolutely nothing like a real kiss! You've got the director telling you which way to tilt your head, hair and make-up artists fixing you up, and then you've got a boom hovering right above your head… it's not romantic, believe me!

    • Rebekah: (About filming a bed scene with Henry Cavill on The Tudors) That scene wasn't exactly hard work!

    • Rebekah: (About who is she more looking forward to working with on The Tudors) Everybody! All the cast and crew are fantastic; I've never known 'work' to be so much fun.

    • Rebekah: (About a small part she turned down in The Tudors) The part involved a sex scene, and it really wasn't a decent enough part to warrant that kind of thing. I have a hell of a lot more to offer than that! Turned it down due to the graphic nature of the scene.

    • Rebekah: (About what was like working on The Tudors) I feel at home on set, it feels right. Despite the very early mornings, long hours… it's bloody hard work! The crew working on The Tudors are fantastic. Going to work was so much fun! Also working with such talented actors was so inspiring. Henry [Cavill] and I worked very well together.

    • Rebekah: (About Catherine Brandon, her character on The Tudors) Catherine is a very strong young woman. She is catapulted into the role of Duchess of Suffolk at just seventeen, can you imagine that? Thankfully the relationship between her and Brandon is a strong, loving one. She trusts him completely. Catherine is very politically-minded. She has complete support for Queen Katherine of Aragon and her marriage to King Henry, and she despises the Boleyn family.

    • Rebekah: (About the kind of music she likes) I love music! I am constantly listening to music, whether it's at home or on my iPod, I am obsessed! I listen to lots of different styles of music from Kings of Leon to MIA and everything in between. I also DJ. I love mixing lots of different styles like electro, hip hop, and house. I play a lot of house music, mixed with some hip-hop and crunk. I love experimenting with different genres, mixing it all up. I love DJs like the Count of Monte Cristal, Crookers, Diplo, Claude von Stroke. I find listening to music is great when I'm filming. Certain songs help get in the mood for shooting a particular scene.

    • Rebekah: (About the character she's portrayed that was the furthest from her personality) Where do I start! I once did Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' where I played Andrew Aguecheek, a very foolish, drunk old man. That's pretty far from my personality, I think! The play was performed in an outdoor theatre with a brilliant cast and director, I couldn't say no.

    • Rebekah: (About what she looks for in a role) For me it's all about telling a story, portraying a character, depicting a situation that will make people think, that will provoke something in them. When it comes to specific roles, I look for a character with an interesting story to tell.

    • Rebekah: (About what made her become an actress) There was no one thing which made me want to become an actor; I know it's a cliché but I've always wanted to be an actor.

    • Rebekah: (About her acting preferences) I've done plenty of theatre in the past. At the moment film and television is going well for me. To be honest I just love acting. I'm happy to be doing my thing whether it's in front of the camera or on stage.

    • Rebekah: (About her job as a production assistant in The Honeymooners) I really enjoyed working as a production assistant. I'm so glad I did it. It was a good few years ago now, but I really learned a lot about what is involved in a shoot, and how hard everybody has to work to get the job done.

    • Rebekah: (About the career she'd like to stick to in the show business) Definitely acting. I would never want to do anything else. But I suppose if in a couple of years the acting thing isn't working out, I'll start looking for work in production.

    • Rebekah: (About the advice she got at college to 'relearn how to act') Acting and performing is a very personal thing to me, it's not a case of unlearning it and then starting all over again. I realized that the course was not for me. It didn't really feel right from the beginning.

    • Rebekah: (About her acting preferences) I enjoy doing television and theatre very much. Working on a television series is exciting. I love getting the scripts every couple of weeks and seeing how all the stories develop in each episode. But right now in my career, I want to focus on film.

    • Rebekah: (About what she found most attractive in her role of Catherine in The Tudors) Catherine is such an interesting character. I love how she is incredibly vulnerable and innocent, being just seventeen and married to the Duke of Suffolk. Yet she is extremely wise and intelligent when it comes to the politics within the court, giving Brandon advice on how to approach the King. I like also how the loving relationship between Brandon and Catherine parallels the troubled relationship of King Henry and Anne Boleyn. And of course, the chance to work with such talented cast and crew was very appealing.