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  • One of my favorite actresses...

    I first saw Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde when it was released on DVD. At the time, that was my favorite movie. It was funny and had a great storyline. I also liked it because of Reese. She played the role of Elle Woods perfectly! She could seem ditzy and smart, and knew how to have a good time throughout the movie. Some other good movies of Reese's that I recommend would be Pleasantville, Cruel Intentions, Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde (though it isn't as good as the first), and Just Like Heaven. Along with acting, Reese can sing. She sang a few songs in Walk the Line. She isn't the best singer, but she's pretty good.
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    I think Reese Witherspoon is a very good talent Actress. It's seem like she know how to use and play her character the right way. She can be really funny and she can really be serious. Walk the line had to be my favorite film with her in it. She really deserve an oscar for playing June carter. I look forward to see more of her movie with many years to come.
  • I love her!!

    Reese was in the movie Legally Blonde and boy, she did a fantastic job in it!! She is such a talented actress and she is sso pretty!! I think she deserves more credit for what she does, she is way better than most actresses out there. Overall she rocks I would give her an A+.
  • Amazing Actress!

    Reese Witherspoon is a truely talented actress. The fact that she won an oscar for her preformance as June Carter in Walk the Line proves this. She does a wide varity movies. She has starred in a range of movies. She has acted in movies from Freeway to Legally Blond to Walk th Line. The movie that both helped and hurt her career was Election Day. The movie was a hit and got Reese's name out there, but her character was extream and people thought Reese was that way. I think that is so stupid. Hello! This is Hollywood! She's ACTING! DUH! But for people to believe her so much just proves that she is an amazing actress.
  • Gorgeous, talented, and down-to-earth (unlike many of the hot-shot celebrity types).

    Reese Witherspoon continues to dazzle viewers (myself included) with her good looks, great talent, and her down-to-earth Southern lifestyle. She certainly does not let her stardom go to her head, choosing family over career. Reese strikes me as being a terrific mom who is not afraid to keep Hollywood and her Southern upbringing separate.

    I have loved Reese Witherspoon in every role she has been cast in, ranging from movie roles like "Walk the Line" to cartoon spots in "The Simpsons." She brings something to each character she plays and adds so much to the movies/shows she appears in. A great actress can portray anyone from a music icon (June Carter, "Walk the Line") to a ditzy blonde (Elle Woods, "Legally Blonde")...Reese has done that flawlessly.

    Reese is by far my favorite actress. Her talent is limitless and I hope she enjoys a long, successful career. It's nice to see a celebrity who is not on the other side of the law. Here's to you Reese...keeping on being who you are.
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    Reese Witherspoon is the top paid actress today and deservedly so. She is, without a doubt, one of the best actresses out there--she can pull off comedic roles just as easily as she can pull off the dramatic role. The amount of classic films on her resume is truly astounding. Right now, she's on top of the acting world.
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    I thought that Reese only started acting a 5 or so years ago but I was wrong. I have seen here in a few different movies and in each of them she plays a very different character and she does it really well.
  • a good actress, who maybe needs some more challenging roles to show how great she can truly be - but havent seen walk the line yet, so that could be the role!!

    just finished watching "just like heaven", which, obvoulsy stars reese. it was an ok movie, not great, kinda just something to watch when there is nothing else to do. i didnt enjoy it nearly as much as the legally blonde movies, which were a lot better (i liked how they poked a bit of fun at the blonde sterotype - being a blonde myself it can be annoying when people think you must be dumb just because of your hair colour). i also thought she was quite good in cruel intentions - it was nice for her to be in a different type of movie - not the usual romantic comedy type. i have "walk the line" sitting there waiting to watch (waiting for my boyfriend to have some free time to watch it with me) so i am hoping that it will show that she can also be a serious actress in a more serious movie. heres hoping!!
  • Yeah she is! Talented too!

    Reese Witherspoon is such a beautiful actress! She has a pretty face, smile, hair, and body! Which probably got her the role a Elle Wodds, but I'm pretty sure it was her acting! Her acting is great, she can play 'blonde' roles, and still play very serious nad dramic ones too! Thats why she's doing so well in HollyWood! I can't wiat for her next movies!!!
  • She is the nicest little actress ever!

    Reese Witherspoon. Wow. I can't say she is PRETTY. But she is the cutest actress ever! I mean, come on, she is SO cute! I love Reese. And I love the name Reese. She was in Walk The Line. She rocked and I never realized she had a good singing talent. She rocks! And she won an Oscar and I am so glad she did! Her thank you was like she was thanking the world and even though she doesn't always exactly wear the most stylish clothes of this time, she is beautiful and she is such a sweet woman.
  • Man Reese Witherspoon is such a talented star!

    Reese Witherspoon is such a great role model and movie star! She already has her own family and still keeps on doing her job which is doing those films. I loved her from The Man in the Moon and Fatal Attractions. She is such a great actress! She also has a family with hottie Ryan Phillipe! I would definitely say that she sure does know how to organize her life. She also makes a lot of money and keeps her life very private which is also another reason why I like her because she's not like other actresses that lets media into their lives.
  • Great, fantastic actress!

    She is one of the suprising, talented actress. Hate her, or love her, shes forever great!

    She was born in March 22, 1976, at Germany, and was later raised in Nashville, TN. Her talented was discovered, she started as a child model and acted in television commercials at an age of seven years! Wow! Thats so young!!

    Shes an amazing actress. I watched Legally Blonde 1 & 2 and in fact, I think she was funny!! Thats when her talented started to began quickly relised across the world. Why I love her? Because shes a role model to childrens. I think thats great.

    Once again shes great! :)
  • OMG!!! She's soooooo cute!!

    She isn't my favorite actress in the world, but i love her. She's so adorable. She makes great movies...walk the line was incredible. She has so much talent and she has a lot of class. You can tell she's a great person. Her and her husband, ryan phillippe, make such a great couple. They are both gorgeous. Their kids are sooooo cute too...they're spitting images of them. I adore reese witherspoon. I love that she has values and class. Her style is really great. I'm really glad she won an oscar, she was definitely deserving.

    Reese I think that u r awesome. U R one if my favorite actresses! I would really like to work with you sometime soon.I think that you are really pretty and love all the movies that you are in. I have seen almost every single one. Keep it up Reese!
  • A brilliant actress!

    After seeing Legally Blonde one and two, I became a huge Reese Witherspoon fan. I think that her acting in those films (and Sweet Home Alabama) made her a star as a comedic actress. Also her guest stint on Friends as Jennifer Anistons's sister Jill, supported this. But after her most recent film, Walk the Line, Reese has proved that she has a greater range than two bubble gum pink movies and a trashy horror flick. She has proved herslef as an actress, and she truly deserves her Golden Globe. I'm glad shes nominated for an Oscar, but I can't decide between Reese and Felicity Huffman. Either way, I wish her good luck, I think shes fantastic.
  • I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is one of the best actress I like the way that she act in Legally Blonde 1 and 2 she was amazing I love her too in Just Like Heaven she was incredible.
    All movies that she choose to do was because of her child Ava.
    In all movies that she appears she is the star!
  • I recently saw Reese in the Johnny Cash biopic, Walk the Line. She is one of the most talented actresses I have seen.

    Reese Witherspoon is so amazingly talented! She is beautiful and is an amazing actress. I first saw her in Legally Blonde, and she is hystarical! I also saw her on Friends as Rachel's sister, Jill. I loved her in that role too!
    But my favorite role of Reese Witherspoon is absolutely her role of June Carter in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. She was absolutely amazing in that role. I had only seen Reese do comedy and I was puzzled when I heard she was doing the role of June Carter in a dramatic film.
    But she was stunning in that role. Who knew Reese Witherspoon had pipes too? Reese did her own singing in the film and she was almost identical if not better then June Carter herself!
  • Very Talented

    Reese Witherspoon is a very good actress. She even has a good singing voice. She has had her husband for like 8 years. She even says she'd rather be a mom. She is very good at what she does and deserves whatever she wants. She even cooks, cleans, and is like a regular house wife.
  • How could anyone hate her? she is so innoccent and sweet!

    Reese is so talented it just amazes me! i would never have known how much talent she had if i didnt watch cruel intentions. which by the way was the best movie ever created! she and ryan are so cute together and i will extreamly angry if they ever throw away their relashionship. but i doubt they will so im not gonna she is just an amazing actress and i loved all of her movies especially...cruel intentions...Legally Blonde....Legally Blonde 2...Sweet Home Alabama....and Just Like Heaven. She is just Perfect! I love her!
  • Reese Witherspoon has starred in many successful films which have become all time favorites. She's done many good romantic comedies. She's also smart.

    This woman is one of the greatest role models. She has brains, beauty, talent, and a nice family. Her life seems very put together. There are rarely tabloids about her. She stays low when it comes to drama, but shines with talent. She's been on SNL and the Simpsons, which just screams talent for skit and voice acting. What's to hate about her?