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  • Great football player.

    Great person.
  • Adrian Peterson's better.

    I think that Reggie Bush is talented, but a major disappointment. Many thought he would be the next big thing in the NFL. But after a couple of seasons, he's been kind of a bust. He never stays healthy, never lives up to his talent, and his very much a one dimensional type of player. I wish the guy would get his head into the game and focus. I really think he could be better, but as of right now, I don't think he is a top 20 running back. I doubt he will ever get better or live up to the hype. Thank you.
  • Reggie Bush is one heck of a player

    I've been a big Reggie Bush fan ever since I saw him play in usc. I think it's cool that he puts the numbers 619 on his face. He has ultra fast speed that no ordinary humans have and he could dodge tackles like it's nothing. I think this guy will be one of the best football players in the NFL. He's already the best college football player. He also won the Heisman trophy too, can't forget about that. I also think he will win the rookie of the year award even though he's not doing as great as he did in college, but hey, Nfl is much tougher than college.
  • there\'s nothing to say. Reggie got game.

    all i have to say is wow. This man is unbeleaveable! after being named number one in college, Reggie Bush (II) is still doing as good as he was in collage! as of the 2006-07 season, Reggie has been showing the saints the light! He carries the team through the tough times, and celebrating the good! As one of the fastest players in football, Reggie and the rest of the New Orleans Saints are enjoying there 06 season! But then, can you blame them? One of the many rookies of 2006-07 year, but theis one stands out! this man has a sure chance at 2006 Rookie of the Year!