Reggie Lee





Quezon City, Philippines

Birth Name

Reggie Valdez




Reggie Lee was born in Quezon City, Philippines as the first of three sons. In addition to English, he continues to speak his native language Tagalog, as well as Cantonese. During his childhood, his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio where Reggie graduated from a Franciscan High School. In the 1990's, Lee relocated to Los Angeles but began to tour nationally in the musical Heartstrings and later in Miss Saigon. His great success on stage led him to being cast in the Tony Award-winning musical Carousel. He received a Dramalogue Critics Award in 1997 for his performance in F.O.B. at East West Players. With his critical acclaim, Lee also starred in their production of Carry the Tiger to the Mountain.

Over the past decade, he has guest-starred on many shows including ER, Mad About You, Beverly Hills 90210, Babylon 5, The Division, Judging Amy, Philly, and NCIS. Lee also played the role of Zhing Zhang in the FOX comedy LUIS and Secret Service Agent Bill Kim on Prison Break.

After playing killer Lance Nguyen in The Fast and the Furious, Lee's film career has been on the way to success. Lee has roles in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean films and Paramount's highly-anticipated Tropic Thunder. Lee has recently finished filming Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell set for 2009 and he stars in the independent feature Chinaman's Chance scheduled for later this year.