Reggie Miller





8/24/1965 , Riverside, California, USA

Birth Name

Reginald Wayne Miller




Reginald Wayne Miller or "Reggie" was born on August 24, 1965 in Riverside, California, USA to parents Saul and Carrie Miller. He had hip and leg deformities upon birth and had to wear leg braces to correct his birth defect. Doctors even doubted whether he could ever walk on his own.

Eventually, the braces came off and he started catching up athletically to his siblings, who except for one, are all involved in sports. Her sister Cheryl was a member of the 1984 US Olympic basketball team who won the gold medal and is a Turner Sports analyst. Her sister Tammy played for Cal State-Fullerton's volleyball team and his brother Darrell was a major league catcher. His oldest brother Saul, Jr. is a musician.

Although his initial interest was in baseball, playing in the Little League when he was 12, Reggie switched to basketball during his stint at the Riverside Polytechnic High School. He was a star at UCLA, scoring 2,095 points, second only to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the school's all-time scoring list.

In 1987, he was drafted by the Indiana Pacers and from then on proved to be one of NBA's elites, breaking records in the three-point and free throw shooting categories. Reggie is best known for his last-minute heroics which all but cemented the tag "Miller Time" everytime he the team is need of a clutch basket.

Unfortunately, Miller is one of the NBA greats that never won a championship ring. The closest he got to a championship was their Finals appearance in 2000 where they lost to Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant's LA Lakers. He stayed on for 18 seasons with the Indiana Pacers, retiring at the end of the 2005 NBA season.

Off the court, Reggie has been active in several charity organizations and medical/educational programs for the youth in his community and throughout the country.