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  • Very solid and serious performer. She should be more visible on the big and small screen. Worth the effort if you are into fresh faces with strong skills.

    I have seen her perform on numerous occassions. She is truly an impassioned artist who does not receive all of the accolades that she deserves. Finding her work can be a taxing task, but if you are a fan of late-night movies on cable, you may run across one or two.

    I saw the movie \"Somebody Tripped\" recently and was rewarded with a very solid performance by this young woman.

    I have not seen any recent works which causes me concern as I hope she has not aboandoned the industry. That would be a true miscarriage of justice.

    Hopefully, Ms. Williams will start her own web-page so that we reviewers may be able to track her body of work. In the interim, we will have to rely on that which we already have.