Reid Scott

Reid Scott


11/19/1977, Albany, New York

Birth Name

Reid Weiner


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Born and raised in upstate New York, Reid Scott attended Syracuse University. He is best known for his work on the shows It's All Relative and My Boys. Reid also plays the guitar and bass and hopes to get into directing.


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    • Reid: (On My Boys costar Jim Gaffigan) I love it. The guy is so great to work with. And he's so much fun to make fun of. He's like the easiest target!

    • Reid: (On the similarities between him and his My Boys character Brendan) At the onset, the way that we were alike, certainly, the music thing. There's obviously slight variations on everything, but put it all together and we're very similar. The music thing for sure. He's a DJ; I play guitar and bass and drums, I record a bunch of stuff. His sense of humor, his dry sort of wisecracking constantly, that fit in right with me. Of the gang, he was kind of the more serious one, kind of brooding, in and out of love kind of thing. When I read it, it was like, "this is pretty true to form."

    • Reid: (On shooting his show My Boys) We shoot mainly in LA although we've actually been lucky enough to shoot some in Chicago both seasons. We were there in the middle of June this time around and had a blast. That is one fun town.

    • Reid: (On being an actor) Oh man, it is hard work. I think there's a common misconception that it's a very glamorous sort of industry and lifestyle, and certainly it can be at times. But the hardest part is that you're approaching a business as an artist, so you're constantly sort of hanging yourself out there to be judged, to have your talent judged, to be scrutinized over and over until you happen to get fortunate about it.

    • Reid: (On his favorite guest stars that have been on My Boys) I don't really have a favorite. I've come to know Johnny Galecki quite well, 'cause obviously he did a couple of episodes last season, and he's done more with us this time around. He's around the most as far as the guest stars, and he's hilarious, he's a great guy. I'm glad of that, to be friends with him, each of the guest stars.

    • Reid: (On the differences between cable and network shows) Obviously there's less money involved, but you also have a lot less cooks in the kitchen. Cable seems to sort of allow their homegrown shows to expand on their own, and grow at their own pace, and really push the envelope. Whereas a lot of the network stuff, they have a much larger audience, so they've got to please the masses. It's kind of nice to be on cable, where they know that they have the sort of niche market. They can sort of come up with these great shows like My Boys, and know that it's gonna slot right into a certain type of fan, so it's really nice to work on something so specific.

    • Reid: (On why he thinks My Boys has done so well) I think it works so well because the characters are so real. As an audience member I think you can identify so closely with these characters that it's almost like laughing along with your own buddies, and yourself.

    • Reid: I'm a big baseball fan, yeah. I love MLB, I'm a Yankees fan, and the since the show's set in Chicago I've sort of adopted the Cubbies as my national league team. But yeah, I love sports, I love college hoops a lot. I went to Syracuse University, so it's fun for me to watch March Madness and any sports in general. Skiers, snowboarders, surfers, all that stuff. So I'm kind of all over the place.