Rena Mero

Rena Mero


8/8/1967, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Rena Greek



Also Known As

Rena Greek-Mero, Rena Richardson, Rena Merowitz, Sable, Rena Greek-Merowitz
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Sable is oh so MILFalicious!

    This blonde bombshell was a pioneer of sorts as she was the female most responsible for ushering in the explosion of "wrestling divas" into the world of professional wrestling.

    Her real name is Rena Mero. She is a former WWE Women's Champion and she's been on the cover of Playboy on three occasions. She was married to Marc Mero, but they seperated in 2003. Is currently dating Brock Lesnar.

    Her body is still fantastic, but she looks older facially than one would think someone who was born in 1967 would look like. Is the mother of all MILF's though not to mention Grade-A MILF material. She gives a sexy older woman vibe which some may find appealing.moreless
  • What a woman, she's "The Wildcat"!!!


    Oh my god, this woman has a very hot body and she deserved to do 2 Playboy Photoshoots, then she made a very good career in WWE being one of the best competitors in Women's Division with his finishing move: The Sable Bomb.

    It's a pity that she left WWE and that she hasn't seen anymore, now she's married with Brock Lesnar, and I send her my personal wish!