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    • Rena: I think 24 is a more mature audience, whereas Heroes is a little bit younger. But I have to say, neither one is child friendly. My daughter doesn't get to watch either show!

    • Rena: (on working on 24) It's intense. I mean Kiefer's intense, and the show moves so fast, and you shoot so fast. But at the same time, everybody's so relaxed and laid back.

    • Rena: Road trips are the best. I'll drive anywhere. All I need are some Stephen King books on tape and lots of junk food, and I'm set.

    • Rena: (on why she would choose Heroes over 24) "Save the cheerleader, save the world!" is a cooler phrase than "Dammit, Chloe, we're running out of time!".

    • Rena: (on why she would choose 24 over Heroes) It's less confusing to watch one man save the world than a bunch of people save the world. And you don't need subtitles.

    • Rena: It's great when you work with actors who appreciate the fact that they've got a good show. And they don't let that come into play. They don't let the star stuff come into play.

    • Rena: (on working on 24) It's an unbelievable experience. And I've done things on that show that in 20 years of being an actress, I have never done in my career.

    • Rena: (upon joining "Just Shoot Me") I'm kind of the queen of joining already established shows.

    • Rena: I knew if I worked hard, I could always improve my acting skills.

    • Rena: (about her show "Coupling") Sometimes it makes us blush when we read the scripts. But we're not doing nudity or simulated sex. We need to live up to the British show, and NBC is pretty supportive of that.

    • Rena: I was hanging out in [Greenwich] Village in New York City shopping with a bunch of my friends and this woman came over and introduced herself. She was a scout with Elite Petite Models. Since I'm only 5' 6", I'm too short to be a regular model, but she thought I'd be perfect for a petite model.