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Renato Bartolomei was born in Australia. The son of an Italian-Australian chef and a New Zealand actress, Renato credits his mother for his reluctance to consider acting as a career. He completed a Bachelor of Science in psychology, travelled extensively and worked in the hospitality industry for several…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Renato has done several commercials, including those for Protomix (radio) and BP Wild Bean Cafe (TV).

    • Renato is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

    • Renato has black hair and blue eyes.

    • Renato is a Gemini.

    • Renato wrote and directed a number of productions during his time at Swinburne in Melbourne, Australia.

    • Renato's favorite hobby is fishing, and he enjoys taking care of the chickens he raises at his rural house at South Head, 45 minutes from Auckland.

    • Being an Australian born Italian, Australia's loss to Italy in the knock-out stage of the 2006 World Cup of Football (soccer) was very bittersweet. But he had family back in Italy who he called to congratulate when Italy won the World Cup.

    • Renato supports the charity the Starship Foundation, which provides health care assistance of all kinds to children in New Zealand. In 2005 he appeared at their Christmas party and sang Christmas carols for a group of sick kids. This charity is also strongly supported by Lucy Lawless (whose show Xena he guest starred on a number of times) and her fans.

    • Renato lives with long time girlfriend Tina Diaz, who works as a television producer.

    • The Throng website, which is a major fan-based site for New Zealand television, held a contest to see who were the most popular male and female actors in 2006. Almost 100,000 votes were cast, and Renato was the runaway winner for favorite male actor (Craig Valentine, "Shortland Street"), with Amanda Billing winning for favorite female.

    • Renato's part on the show Mercy Peak got him off a speeding ticket. Renato says, "The policeman asked me what I did and I explained to him I was working in New Zealand and he asked if it was for a television show and I said 'Yes, Mercy Peak'. At which point he put his book away and said 'I think it's best if you report to Constable Ken for some community service.'"

    • In 2006, a competition called PlayRight for New Zealand authors of plays was created. A number of the best known actors in New Zealand, including Renato Bartolomei read the plays aloud for the panel of judges in order to see which ones were worthy of going on to the finals.

    • Fellow Shortland Street actor Jacob Tomuri said of Renato, "Renato Bartolomei can do no wrong. Whatever he lays his hand on turns to gold. Fun to work with and inspiring to watch. I would love to do more scenes with him."

    • Renato was nominated for "Best Actor" for the show Shortland Street for the Best on the Box People's Choice Awards for 2007. He was nominated for the same award in 2010 for his role of Michael Lewis on The Cult

    • Renato was named the favorite male actor and was the runner-up for hottest male at the Streettalk website, which is dedicated to the soap Shortland Street.

    • Renato is a celebrity spokesman for "Out of the Blue", a foundation to help those who suffer from depression.

    • Renato is Australian, but has moved along with his girlfriend to New Zealand because of it's natural beauty.

  • Quotes

    • Renato: (referring to his role of Craig Valentine on "Shortland Street") I don't really feel like a 'Craig'. In New Zealand, people seem surprised when I tell them I'm of Italian heritage. Maybe they think I'm part Māori

    • Renato: (on directing) It was born out of one of those periods when I wasn't working as an actor. I was spending a lot of time helping other actors prepare for their auditions or their plays. It was almost as satisfying, sometimes more satisfying than working on my own things.

    • Renato: When they asked me to play Craig Valentine [on Shortland Street], one of the things we agreed on was that at some stage I would also direct. So it was being cheeky enough to ask. I expected it to be a bit of a nightmare. But for someone like me who is loath to make decisions, it takes me a long time to decide which television to buy, as anyone who knows me will tell you- in at the deep end is good.

    • Renato: (when asked if he plans to one day return to Australia) I may end up going back at some stage. But the thing we can't do there is live where we are living. Five acres with an old farmhouse 45 minutes from a great big city. Maybe for $30 million you could do it in Sydney. If the five acres existed. Living in South Head is such a lovely thing because I can forget about the job. Just worry about the weeds that are choking my windbreak at the moment.

    • Renato: (on directing for "Shortland Street") I was a bit worried about it, but they were absolutely fabulous. It's really a wonderful company of people. Lots of shows I wouldn't say that about.

    • Renato: (his message at the "Out of the Blue" website) Depression is not something you have to suffer in silence. With support you can beat it!

    • Renato: (on the decision to move from Australia to New Zealand) We fell in love with the place. It made our decision for us. And as an actor, you spend half of your life waiting for the next job, so you might as well wait somewhere beautiful.