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    • (On her and her husband dealing with the aftermath of a miscarriage)
      Renee: We are still trying," shared Goldsberry. "And trying is always fun! We really very much want to have a family, a big family that will include hopefully birth children and adopted children. I did go through a very public miscarriage and it's always hard to go through any kind of grieving publicly.

    • Renée: African-American women will compliment my hair, which is really, really flattering. Men will comment or make jokes about my legs — or some other lower part of my anatomy — which is also flattering.

    • Renée: Yeah, I was on THE VIEW that day, but I had no idea. I was prenominated, so I hoped they would nominate me. But I really just thought to be nominated would be the biggest honor in the world, and oh, my God, when I was nominated it was great. That I was nominated on television was also great. It felt like winning. It was a really sweet experience.

    • (When stated: That was a perfect match: Rosie and Super Soap.)
      Renée: I know, and she was so much fun and so lovely. She's a soap opera fan herself. She watches All My Children. She could not have been nicer to me, could not have been more supportive. She actually offered to buy all of my CDs and give them to the audience members. Unfortunately, I was too stupid to actually have brought that many CDs with me. I had a ball. I don't remember anything I said, but I definitely felt I might as well have been sitting down talking to a group of friends. My only regret was that I couldn't invite fans to join me in the audience. That show aired on Dec. 1, and that was the first day of their Christmas giveaways, so their audience was booked.

    • (When asked does she hang out with the cast of One Life to Live after hours)
      Renée: Yes. Before, I never had an opportunity to participate as much as I wanted to because I was always running to The Lion King, but it is a very social group. They're always doing something, at least on the weekends. They're very celebratory. So, I'm excited to have a chance to do more of that.

    • Renée: Sherri [Saum, ex-Keri], I'm missing her. You get close to people, then they go, like Roscoe [Born, ex-Mitch]. But I love hanging out with Timothy, Kamar [de los Reyes, Antonio], Dan Gauthier [Kevin], Trevor [St. John, Walker/Todd], Bree [Williamson, Jessica]. The show is bringing in a lot of really fun people on- and off-screen, so it's a blast to be here.

    • Renée: What Evangeline has gone through so far and what she's going through now, has made this character so much closer to me. She's become like my inner child now. That makes it easier and harder to play. It's easy to slip into her skin but it's hard when she makes choices that I wouldn't make. It's hard to allow her to do things that I know won't work. It's hard to let her be vulnerable. I love her so much and I want her dreams to come true.

    • Renée: I've gotten such great feedback on Evangeline being a strong, successful black woman. It's almost as if the audience is starved for that kind of character.

    • Renée: It's a magical thing when fans feel so passionately about something on soaps. You can't concoct it. It just happens when it happens. You can't take credit for it, really.

    • Renée: I've always felt that way. New York is the kind of place that -- it's totally cliche because it's the song -- but if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. There's something about being here and being kind of successful that makes you feel unstoppable.

    • Renée: I came to New York from L.A. to do The Lion King. Fortunately, after six months I happened to audition for One Life, and it grew to doing both roles.

    • Renée: I'm from Texas, but I lived in L.A. for a while. I was actually born in California. Houston and L.A. are relatively similar, very spread-out cities with people from all over the world living there and a lot of traffic. So, I felt very comfortable in L.A. But the longer I've been in New York, the happier I am here.

    • Renée: I used to say if I wasn't an actor I would've been a lawyer because I debate every point to death. My friends and family can attest to that. And I'm quite a strong advocate for things.