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1/1/2008, Maui, HI

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Renee Alway used to be a stay at home mother, taking care of her son Troy. Until she followed her dream and tried out for cycle eight of America's Next Top Model . She was consistent throughout the entire competition , until she was in a shocking elimination…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Renee is the first girl on America's Next Top Model to have an intervention held between her and the other girls because of her behaviour.

    • Renee's favourite dish to make is chicken, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes cooked together.

    • Renee has stated that her favourite photos she took on America's Next Top Model were her 'Anti-gun', 'Women's Magazine', 'Men's Magazine', 'Aboriginal Dance' and 'Covergirl' pictures.

    • Renee has stated that Cassandra was her favourite girl in the house during America's Next Top Model.

    • Renee believes that part of the reason she did not become America's Next Top Model was because she bore too much resemblance to cycle 7 winner CariDee English.

    • Renee has stated that if she got the chance to go on America's Next Top Model again, she would refuse.

    • Renee won two challenges on America's Next Top Model cycle 8. her first was the acting challenge with actor Efren Ramirez. her prize was a visit from her family. The second was an aboriginal dance. She won jewelery as her prize.

    • Renee got to do a photoshoot with America's Next Top Model cycle 6 runner-up Joanie Dodds for the 'Memorable Moments' photoshoot on America's Next Top Model.

    • Renee chose 'Nayiem' as her top model name on America's Next Top Model cycle 8 but Tyra later changed it to 'NeNe' at judging as it was to similar to 'Naima', winner of cycle 4 of America's Next Top Model.

    • Renee got two first call-outs and didn't appear in the bottom two until her elimination in the finale on America's Next Top Model cycle 8.

    • Renee met her husband Jason when she was 18 years old while visiting Maui.

    • Renee is originally from Michigan.

    • Renee has four sisters and one brother.

    • Renee has stated that she has a lot of respect for German supermodel Heidi Klum.

    • Renee modeled when she was 13 in New York, Europe and Japan and appeared in Seventeen and Italian Vogue.

    • Her America's Next Top Model make-over was inspired by Yoanna House.

    • Renee has stated that she hated her America's Next Top Model make-over after leaving the competition, referring to it as a 'mullet'. She just decided to not say anything to avoid elimination.

    • Renee has one child, a son, named Troy.

  • Quotes

    • (On her husband's support for her)
      Renee: I've always felt like I've had more in store for me that to just be a stay-at-home mom. So he's just been very supportive. I mean, he was watching my son for hald of the time I was on the show (America's Next Top Model). He lived on the beach for the first hald just trying to afford so I could be there...he's just been great.

    • (On being called old by the judges on 'America's Next Top Model') Renee: I feel like that was just a cheap cop-out on the judges part. They're entitled to their opinions I just feel like that was just an easy out for them.

    • (On her future plans) Renee: I think I will continue to do modeling. I'm going to be moving to L.A. in a couple of weeks. I want to get an acting coach. I'm really going to push hard for film, but I'm going to pay my dues, I'm going to get coached on it and get the lessons that I need. I know I have the talent.

    • (On being eliminated from 'America's Next Top Model') Renee: I felt like I was going to win. ... I feel like I was leaps and bounds above the other girls.

    • (On 'America's Next Top Model' winner Jaslene) Renee: I'm happy it was Jaslene. She really wanted it, almost as bad as I did. It's just great that another girl who had the passion for it, and has the passion for the entertainment industry, and she has a lot more passion for modeling.

    • Renee: Women are very funny creatures, there's lot of sides to us, we can be angry, happy, sad, and everything…we can have all those different emotions within like three minutes.

    • (After her elimination for looking too old)
      Renee: I'd rather have wisdom in my eyes then to just be blank and stupid and have nothing there.

    • Renee: I can't wait to get to the party and finally have a stimulating conversation.

  • Renee should've won America's Next Top Model! She was so good. The judges loved all of her photos. But then they decided she was too old looking and looked more professional than beginner. She was the best model America's next top model has EVER seen!moreless

    I think Renee should've won. People might've called her a cheap and old looking model, but they're wrong. So what if she looked too old for their taste? She had better pictures then Jaslene and Natasha. Jaslene was ugly! She shouldn't have won! Renee had her name all over it. She wasn't one of those kinds of models that made everyone look like a !%#^&. OK, maybe she had a few moments where she made one of the girls look bad, but she didn't do it EVERY SINGLE DAY. She deserves more credit than that. They should make her a show. I don't know, "Renee's Way"???? It could be all about how great of a model she was. People can have a different oppinion about her, but all I have to say is this: "You don't have to like somebody... but you WILL respect them." That is what everyone should do. Renee might not have been one of the prettiest, but she DID take the best pictures and was a hardworker. If only everyone like Tyra, Nigel, and J. Alexander could see that.moreless
  • omg shut the hell up

    Omg, all Renee ever did was complain, complain, complain. I hated hearing her voice. Every time you heard it, she would be complaining about something. " Omg, If I got to be the bookworm instead of Jael, I would have rocked it so much better blah blah blah". Yeah no one freakin' cares. Ever think maybe you just suck? She said she was going to be nicer to the other girls, which never happened. She just made fun of them more. I thought she had a pretty good chance of winning, even though I couldn't stand her. I was soooooooooooooooooooooo happy when she was eliminated.moreless