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  • She is amazing!

    I saw Renee Olstead in Still Standing. She played Lauren Miller. I have to be honest. She was hilarious! I loved her wonderful sense of humour. She always made me laugh. Not to mention, she is a fantastic actress. I also saw her as Becky in the movie "13 Going On 30." She was wonderful! She is not only a wonderful actress, but she has the voice of an angel. I heard her song "A Love That Will Last" on The Princess Diaries 2 Soundtrack, and I was almost in tears! She was so young when she did that song, but it was amazing! For someone who was only about 14 years old back then, she did not sound like a teenage girl singing. She sounded like a woman! She has such a beautiful voice! I think Renee deserves so much more credit than she gets. She is truly amazing!
  • Renee?

    She should stop trying for the small parts in movies and shows and start trying out for bigger parts because why deprive the world of her great acting skills and her great voice. Really she has a great voice and I am not usually into the kind of stuff like that usually. I loved Renee on Still Standing as Lauren I love that show. She had a small part in the dumb MTV movie sweet 16 yea good job on that one not going for a big part! I will give Renee Olstead or should I say Rebbecca Olstead a score of 7.1
  • A beautiful young woman, with a lot of talent.

    Renee Olstead is a beautiful and talented young woman, not only has she proven that she can act, but she can also sing.

    She was great as Lauren on Still Standing, some of the best moments in the series, where the arguments between her and Brian, and the interactions she had with her parents, and about her singing she did sing in a episode of Still Standing, the song was ok, but she has a very pretty voice.

    No matter what Renee does weather it be acting, singing or anything else, she proves that she came do it, and does it well.
  • Young and multi - talented. Keep your eyes on this one!

    Although relativly young Rene Olstead is very talented and I'm sure her best is yet to come. As fans of "Still Standing" know Rene is a fine comedienne with excellent comic timing who is able to more than hold her own among older, more established comedy stars such as Mark Addy and Jamie Gertz. In addition Rene is also a gifted singer with a gorgeous voice which was heard on one episode of "Still Standing." She also has a CD out.(which I'm sure will be the first of many) Now that "Still Standing" is no longer in production I can"t wait to see what will be next up for this talented performer. Movies? Broadway? The concert Stage? The sky's the limit!!!1