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  • Reshma Shetty as Divya on Royal Pains fr...
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Reshma Shetty was born on November 2, 1977. She is of East Indian descent and grew up in England. A former biology major, she graduated from the Opera department of the Cincinnati College of Music.


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    • Reshma: I fit the mold of the little girl who always knew she was going to be in the arts. I used to perform my own full-blown musicals in my living room at 7! I had a very active imagination and would love to conjure up dramas in my head to counteract the car sickness I suffered on long trips. With all of this creativity came my love of music and I connected music to my ongoing soap operas.

    • Reshma: I'm a coloratura. I wanted to play the meaty, dramatic heroines, but I have an ingenue voice.

    • Reshma: There are all these very cultural things that I've never done before because I've never had that many Indian colleagues or friends.

    • Reshma: I was pre-med in college, like any good Indian girl. But then I started entering -and winning-these vocal competitions.