Rex Goudie

Rex Goudie


11/18/1985, Dawson Creek, British Colombia

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Although born in British Columbia, Rex and his family moved to Newfoundland while Rex was still young, as both his parents were from there. He began singing before beginning school, both at home and in the Church Sunday School. In high school, he was part of a band…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In September, 2006, Rex's biography was published under the title: Rex Goudie: Idolized; it was written by Kim Kielley.

    • On Februrary 26, 2007, the Canadian Radio Music Awards nominations were announced, and Rex was nominated in two categories: Best New Solo Artist (Hot Adult Contemporary) and Best New Solo Artist (Contemporary Hit Radio). On March 10th, 2007, the awards were handed out; Rex won one award: Best New Solo Artist (Contemporary Hit Radio).

    • Rex's second album, Look Closer will be released for sale on December 12, 2006. The first single from the album, You Got Me received airplay on radio stations prior to the album release; it was written by Our Lady Peace's Raine Maida and his wife, singer Chantal Kreviazuk.

    • Rex and his second cousin, Shaun Majumder, a comedian, have started a charity called the Share Foundation. They hope to raise money in order to buy better medical equipment for Rex's hometown, Baie Verte, Newfoundland.

    • On April 6th, 2006, Rex confirmed that he and Idol winner Melissa O'Neil have been dating, and that they'd kept it a secret since about the third week of the competition.

    • After coming in second in the third season of Canadian Idol, Rex went on a cross-Canada tour with Idol winner Melissa O'Neil, part of which was televised as a special called "Let It Go" after O'Neil's first single.

    • Rex cites his father as his biggest inspiration, saying that his dad has always stood and faced adversity and is the hardest working man Rex knows. He's inspired Rex to be a better person.

    • Rex's lists two "best day ever"s: the day he graduated from high school, and making it to the top 32 on Canadian Idol, as both days gave him a sense of confidence in himself.

    • Rex feels that his biggest accomplishment in life was surviving his first few months; he was premature and sickly, and his mother didn't think that he was going to make it.

    • While performing on Canadian Idol, the judges' nicknames for Rex were "Sexy Rexy" and "Rowdy Goudie".

    • As of 2006, Rex is enrolled as a student at Memorial University in Newfoundland; he wants to get into their Mechanical Engineering program.

    • The band that Rex created while he was in high school was called "The Purple Monkey Band Squad".

    • Rex enjoys all kinds of music, from Frank Sinatra to AC/DC.

    • Rex's nickname is "Box".

    • If Rex could meet anyone, living or dead, he'd like to meet Bruce Springsteen and Jim Cuddy (of the Canadian group Blue Rodeo), and talk about music with them.

    • Rex feels most comfortable when he's just sitting on a bench, playing his guitar and singing.

    • Rex's favourite book is Death On The Ice (1988) by Cassie Brown; it's about a disaster in 1914 suffered by seal hunters.

    • Rex's favourite movie is The Fast and The Furious.

    • In 2006, Rex was nominated for a JUNO Award in the category of "Artist of the Year." His album, Under The Lights was also nominated for "Album of the Year."

    • Rex's first album, Under The Lights, was released on December 13, 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Rex: I started writing for Look Closer [his second album] the day after I stopped touring for Under the Lights [his first album]. I felt I needed to get my experiences on paper right away.

    • Rex: I want to represent Newfoundland the way she deserves: with guts and glory.

    • Rex: If it's meant to be, it will be.

  • Rex rocks!

    When I started watching Rex during the Top 100 round, I saw a true star begin to emerge right before my eyes. He was an original - a "diamond in the rough". And I fell in love with his talent and charisma at first sight.

    He was the very first Canadian Idol contestant in all the years that I have watched the show to make a connection with me, and the very first I voted for from Top 32 all the way to the finals (only missing one week due to attending a concert). I really did think he would win after stringing together three sensational performances during the finals (his version of the Season 3 winner single "Alive" was in my mind lightyears better than what the actual winner released), but look at all that he has done after placing second...his track record speaks for itself.

    I look forward to Rex's upcoming album "Look Closer", the first single (You Got To Me) is already proving to be a hit. I may be from Ontario, but to me this talented Newfoundlander rocks my world!moreless
  • More talented than the person who actually won the Idol crown!

    Rex Goudie was a contestant on the third season on Canadian Idol; that's where I first saw him. He stood out because he was always wearing that white ball cap; in fact, when he took it off, his hair was a horror show! He looked much better with it on.

    He came in second, losing the Idol crown to Melissa O'Neil. In all honesty, I thought he was a better singer than she was. However, as far as fame goes, that doesn't seem to have mattered, as he went on the cross-Canada tour with her, and did a tv special with her... so he's benefitted just as much, without actually winning.

    In fact, he released an album (so did she) and his was nominated for a JUNO Award (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) while hers wasn't... so maybe I was right and he is the better singer!moreless