Rex Lee

Rex Lee


1/7/1969, Warren, Ohio, USA

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  • Rex Lee on Suburgatory Season 2.
  • Rex Lee on Suburgatory season 1.
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Lee was born in Ohio, but has lived in Los Angeles, California since he was nine. His father is a doctor and his mother is a painter and Presbyterian minister. Lee attended Oberlin School of Music in Ohio to continue his training as a pianist, but became more…more


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    • Rex Lee: Don't move to LA and try to be in the entertainment industry unless you have a true passion for it. There is a lot of rejection in this industry. You have to be prepared for that. I have dreams just like everyone else. I act because I feel like I can't do anything but act.

    • Rex Lee: I'm slightly disappointed. I feel like the state of how people relate to gay people has evolved. I hope I will live to see the day where there is no more homophobia and where being gay is a natural expression of human love.

    • Rex Lee: (on his favorite blooper in "Entourage") When James Woods was on the show, for one take only, I called him Mr. Woody instead of Mr. Woods and I let him think it was a mistake (it wasn't).

    • Rex Lee: (on jumping back to a certain moment in his life) I would be three years old again. I really experienced my life with unadulterated joy when I was three.

    • Rex Lee: I think that the gay assistant corps just knows all the secrets of their bosses and that is really valuable intel.

    • Rex Lee: (on working with "Entourage" onscreen boss Jeremy Piven) I really enjoy working with Jeremy, scenes with him are great. The truth is, there wasn't any [chemistry] to develop. When we started working together, we clicked, I guess.

    • Rex Lee: (on the show "Entourage") I was a huge fan. When I auditioned for the second season, I was so excited just to audition; I loved the scripts. But when I got the job and I got the scripts, I just loved them even more than the other ones.

    • Rex Lee: (on his "Entourage" castmates) The boys are really good friends with each other... I don't hang out with them and that's fine. They have their lives and I have mine, but again, they show me a lot of respect and I think that's pretty classy on their part. They're all stars in their own right. I'm just a newcomer coming along trying to break a door down. They're all just very sweet to me and that's cool.

    • Rex Lee: People in the entertainment industry take themselves very seriously. There were definitely moments in my real life when I would sort of step back and think, 'I cannot believe that my boss is making such a big deal out of this situation.' Everything is very life and death.

    • Rex Lee: (on people liking his character on "Entourage") One of the reasons a lot of the viewers like my character is that in some ways Lloyd represents the every man. I think a lot of people can relate to having a boss that doesn't always treat you with the utmost respect, and a lot of people can relate to a character who puts up with a lot of unpleasantness to get ahead in the world. Beyond that I like to think I'm a little bit lovable.

    • Rex Lee: (on being constantly yelled at by Jeremy Piven's character on "Entourage") If it was my real life I'm sure it would suck but you know I get paid to have somebody yell at me and say horrible things to me. I get paid and I get paid well and that makes me happy so…I don't resent it at all.

    • Rex Lee: (on being affected by his character on "Entourage") I don't think of myself as an actor who stays in character, but there have been times when the cameras stopped rolling - especially last season - and I'd realize parts of Lloyd were rubbing off on me.