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  • A huge fan that is looking for an angel to help

    PLEASE READ if everyone could give a 1.00 up to 5.00 it will add up and it would be a huge blessing 8tjs
  • What Can Rex Linn Not Do? This Guy Rocks!

    I Loved Rex when i first saw him in the Movie "Cliffhanger" Co-Starring with the likes of Sly Stallone & John Lithgow (Another Talented & Great Actor) but yet he's on a TV Show Co-Starring with None Other Then David Caruso! Man! This guy's one Lucky Actor to be starring in movies or TV Shows with Those guys!

    I so Love his Character Det. Frank Tripp In CSI: Miami He's so hilarous Whenever he says to a Suspect "Come here you little Cracker!" or trys to talk about a CSI Gadget by calling a blue light-Do-hickey LOL. him and David Play off each other Great man! I'm Hoping he stays on the show for a long time!