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  • Trivia

    • Rex told Elizabeth that in the cemetery scene in "Grave Young Men" (1x20) after he said his line "Exit wound to the back of the head and we got maggots on the face" he cracked up, they did 9 takes on that scene but Rex couldn't stop laughing in which the actor playing dead started laughing as well.

    • In the scene where Rex's character [Det. Frank Tripp] is arresting Elizabeth's character [Julia Winston] in the episode "Raising Caine" from CSI: Miami, Rex said that the gun he put behind his back fell out twice during Elizabeth's close up shots.

    • Rex joked a bit about the color scheme they use in the scenes from "Raising Caine", saying he wanted all the scenes to be burnt orange, he was also being sarcastic when he said what irritates him is that Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez's char) gets all the hot suits as well as the hot girls but the girls Trip gets are dead.

    • Rex also mentions in the commentary that Khandi Alexander [Dr. Alexx Woods] is his favorite, he calls her "Candy girl."

    • Rex mentions in the audio commentary for the episode "Rasing Caine" (6x12) of CSI: Miami, that he's wearing a burnt orange tie in honor of the University of Texas Longhorns. That is the 2nd time he's seen with an orange tie representing his favorite Collage Football team; previous time was in Season 3's episode "Hell Night."

    • Rex has said that his favorite episode from CSI: Miami is "Bait" (2x33). He also says the final scene in that episode was a mistake that turned out to be a good ending, it wasn't supposed to end like that but it did because they ran out of film.

    • Rex loved his Texas Longhorns so much that in 2005 he asked for a day off from shooting CSI: Miami to go watch the University of Texas go to the finals.

    • His grandfather was a sheriff

    • Rex says that Det. Frank Tripp from CSI: Miami is his favorite character.

    • People always tell Rex that he looks like a detective.

    • Rex was a 1987 Oklahoma State Duck Calling Champion and he was 4th runner-up in the World Championship of Duck Calling.

    • In 1989 Rex co-starred with JAWS' Roy Scheider in a movie called Night Game, Rex played a character named Eppes.

    • He was 32yrs old bank vice president when he gave up being a banker to become an actor in the late 80's.

    • In the Halloween Episode "Hell Night" (3x54) of CSI: Miami Rex is wearing an orange tie in honor of his beloved football team, Texas Longhorns.

    • He has two dogs in cat suits named Jack and Choctaw and a pet snake.

    • As of 2006 he lives in Sherman Oaks, California.

    • He had a short career in banking and working for an oil company in western Oklahoma before becoming an actor in the late 80's.

    • Rex has a B.A. degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of Oklahoma.

    • He is frequently cast as stern cops or others involved in law inforcement.

    • Rex stands Six feet, four inches tall.

  • Quotes

    • Rex: (about being respect and being famous) I want to be respected by my peers and try to keep my work fresh. I came out here to work. If I'm fortunate enough and lucky enough to have celebrity go along with that, that's fantastic. Being famous was never in the cards for me.

    • Rex: (about his goals) My goals right now are to not get complacent with my acting, and work on it as hard as I can, and just get to the next level.

    • Rex: (about his friends and family supporting his career change) My best friend and my family knew I could get a job acting. They were very supportive.

    • Rex: (about working with David Caruso) I love working with David; he's one of the smartest guys I know. You have to be prepared when you're working with him.

    • Rex: (about his new found fame) It still blows me away sometimes that somebody even wants to interview me or wants an autograph or a picture with me. I'm thinking, okay, well that's cool, but I wonder why. Sometimes I have to remind myself.

    • Rex: (about his family) I was raised in a small town in Texas, and I'm fortunate enough to have a very supportive family. They taught me values and morals that I think have carried over into every part of business that I've been in. I have to give credit to them, because they taught me how to treat people well, they taught me how to respect people, and I think that's really helped in my career.

    • Rex: (being on CSI: Miami) I didn't start off the show. I was hired on the sixteenth episode, and not even as a regular. I was hired for one episode. They liked David Caruso's and my chemistry together. My agent called and said they wanted me for one more episode. That turned into nine in a row in the first season. In the second season I did thirteen, and in the third season I did nineteen. And then last year, they finally stepped up to the plate and signed me on as a regular. It's been fantastic.

    • Rex: Well, first I must say I love to cook. Growing up in Texas subjected me to a lot of outdoor cooking. Through the years I've been fortunate enough to meet and cook with many talented chefs.