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  • Talented as well as beautiful.

    Rhona is a highly talented actress with excellent comedic timing, a fact often over looked because she wasnt exactly beat with the ugly stick when born. The first time she caught my attention was on the brilliant Boston Legal, where she excelled as Tara Wilson, the role I would most love to see her reprise even for just one guest episode. She has great range, from the sweet girl she played on Party of Five to the sarcastic, witty lawyer on Boston Legal, to the loving protective mother in Skinwalkers, to the feisty rebel in Doomsday most recently. There's no denying she's beautiful, her own attempts to break away from just being a "T&A girl" highlighting her struggles against casting directors who merely want her to stand around pouting. One of my favourite things about Rhona is her accent. She has the most amazing British accent, her voice is like honey, and the directors who decided she should have an American accent in films such as Highwaymen and Skinwalkers should be ashamed of themselves. Rhona is amazing, people need to recognise!!!
  • She plays Kit Mcgraw on the awesome TV show Nip/Tuck

    She must be banging the creator of the show, because she is the least talanted actress I've ever seen. All her dialogue, scenes, and performances sound like they are stolen from a low budget porn flick. She is supposed to be the greatest detective from London but she is only like 30 years old so I don't know how she got that reputation. She's a complete bitch to rape victims and for some reason is never held to rules of investigation or anything. I hope she gets fired immediatly.
  • Detective Kit Mcgraw

    I particularly enjoyed her in her recent role as Kit Mcgraw on the television show Nip/Tuck. She gave a very sensual and charasmatic performance. Every time she appeared on screen you were drawn to her and couldn't help but notice her. She has a flare for dialogue and exposition. Good actress.