Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten


Two Harbors, Minnesota

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Rhonda Wiitanen


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  • From the horse's mouth...

    This forum was brought to my attention by an acquaintance. And thankfully so as I would never have come across this on my own. My name is Melodie and I am the ex wife of "Mr Alabama" (and yes, I feel silly saying that). So I feel I have a little to say here. First off, I'm not sure who JenniferAmI or Chrisa68 are, or their affiliation with my family. But this is a public forum about Rhonda and not my family please. Whether these things happened during my marriage or not, it certainly doesn't belong on the Internet where my children could one day hear things that were or were not true about their parents. The fact that our third child was three before our divorce says a lot for this rumor though. I'll not waste effort spending too much time on this issue, but I would like to point out one thing. JUST incase one day my kids do find this little forum. Their Daddy did NOT abandon them. Their Dad provides an excellent lifestyle for his children. A lifestyle that could be effected if these silly little rumors meshed with his military life! Yes he lives far away from them at the time being, but if any of you are familiar with the life of the military then you know the sacrifices a soldier makes to fight for and protect our country. He see's his kids every chance he can and calls quite often, usually when I just get them calmed down! This is not a dysfunctional divorced family here, quite the contrary. I don't need people to pity me because "my husband cheated on me and left me with three kids"! I like to actually EARN my pity with non-fictional matters! Like going to dinner with three boys and getting to walk out of the restaurant without having been asked to do so! As far as Ms Britten goes, I have no issues with her. My kids adore her and look forward to seeing her. If you don't like her books, lets leave it at that shall we? Because writing in a forum about my ex husband and his new girlfriend is the last place I ever thought I would be. I've never read any of her books but I say, if the people who do read her books find peace then that's great. After all, happiness is only found when you find yourself.moreless
  • Rhonda & her new boyfriend

    Rhonda is dating some guy she calls "Mr. Alabama" from Jasper, Alabama. Usrey is his last name and apparently he's a real loser who dumped his wife and three kids. Why in the heck does Rhonda feel she's so desperate that she keeps picking losers? That she's a self-professed "life coach" is almost funny.

    Hopefully, the women who attend her workshops are aware her personal life is and has always been a mess. Rhonda needs serious professional counseling and should certainly not be marketing herself as a so-called life coach. I watched her on Starting Over and thought she was as mentally unbalanced as those she was casted to "help". Laughable!moreless