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    • Rhys: (on performing) It makes me happy. But also it's what I'm best at. I don't see myself doing anything else. I will be entertaining people for the rest of my life, regardless of whether this music career works or not. There's so much that I want to do and this is another box I've been able to tick.

    • Rhys: I was very popular in primary school, but when I got to high school things kind of turned. I always had girlfriends and everything, but obviously I was a little bit different. I wasn't playing football, I wasn't first picked on the sports team, that's for sure.

    • Rhys: I grew up in gay culture from quite a young age. I started playing around with drag when I was 16 and I got exposed to a lot from a very young age, and I learnt to deal with it from a very young age. I've had that time in my life where I can party all night and do silly things. I feel like I've been there and done that, and I know what really makes me happy now.

    • Rhys: (on the friendship with the "So You Think You Can Dance" contestants) We're all about our art rather than wanting to further ourselves as people ... And plus, this competition wouldn't work without camaraderie because if we were all bitching at each other we wouldn't be able to pull off the amazing routines we did every week.

    • Rhys: (asked who would remain special to him following 'So You Think You Can Dance') People like Jemma, my first partner. We performed some amazing, touching routines together. And everyone from the top four, obviously. And Suri, Sermsah - we were roommates throughout the whole competition. And Graeme is just so much fun. As well as Marco and Anthony, who were my gay buddies! They were very entertaining. I would love to say that I would keep in touch with most of them.

    • Rhys: (on his feelings during the final day of 'So You Think You Can Dance') I was surprisingly calm through most of the day until I started getting a bit emotional when Demi was eliminated. I shed a couple of tears and then Caleb performed and I was holding back the tears because I had to go on. So I felt like all of my emotions were amplified. I wasn't really nervous, I was just really excited to get out there and do it. And my main goal of the night was to make sure I made that top two and got to perform that amazing routine together with Jack - it was brilliant. I totally feel like I went out with a bang.

    • Rhys: (revealing he was the victim of a bashing in 2006) There was an incident at the Adelaide Sleaze Ball two years ago when I was physically assaulted by a drunk member of the public. I was in the park outside the venue when this guy started yelling abuse at this woman and calling her the foulest names. We made eye contact, he started up on me and I retaliated. He ended up walking up to me and just started laying into me. He was twice my size and he was punching into the back of my head. I couldn't really defend myself, so I just curled up like an armadillo.

    • Rhys: I have developed a thick skin and won't be backed into a corner, which is quite different to how I was when I was younger.

    • Rhys: I'm quite feminine looking and men would often think they were in the wrong bathroom when they'd see me washing my hands at the sink.

    • Rhys: I never met a mirror I didn't like.

    • Rhys: I am fire - watch me burn up your screen!

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