Rhys Coiro





3/12/1979 , S. Stephano in Aspromonte, Calabria, Italy

Birth Name

Giovanni Rhys Brancaleone Coiro




Rhys Coiro was born in Calabria. His father was a soldier in the Calabrian mob, and his mother was a professor of Romantic Literature in a convent school. His family moved to Argentina when he was very young following the sudden death of his father's employer Don Aldo Brancaleone. They settled in Iguazu Falls near the Brazilian border where little Rhys became fluent in Portugese and Spanish in addition to his native Calabrian dialect. When his father was deported back to Calabria for gun-running Rhys left home. He headed for the pampas to become a gaucho, learning to ride and throw the bolos and developing his lifelong taste for yerba maté. While visiting Buenos Aires he had a chance encounter with the famous Argentine impresario Señor Fulgensio Sorprender who saw potential in the hirsute young gaucho and cast him as the lead in a local production of Evita. Rhys stole the show and his acting career was launched. Rhys then moved to New York City to pursue acting and had a notable string of successes in off-broadway art house productions, including the legendary Utica Community Performing Arts Center production of Streetcar, before his acting career was briefly sidetracked for a season playing power forward for the Nets. When a serious dental sprain ended his basketball career, Rhys reluctantly returned to acting. He and his roommate, Vin Diesel, then moved to LA to act in TV and cinema. The two actors no longer live together in their small Hollywood apartment - each now has a mansion in the Malibu colony - but they are planning to work together soon in a Miramax biopic on the life of Warren G. Harding. Rhys is also a serious graphic artist and has had a number of one-man shows in select galleries in Soho and the Bowery. His influences include Red Grooms, Hieronymous Bosch and Margaret Keane. He has been married twice, once for several years to Uruguayan actress Lola Chang, with whom he had three sets of twin girls, and again for part of an afternoon to Julia Roberts. He is currently an eligible bachelor and an avid reader of the personal columns.
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